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It was a winter morning similar to today. It had rained the whole night. Everything was frozen and school was canceled.

I got dressed and went outside. How fun it was to get a running start and then slide down my semi-steep driveway; kind of like surfing. I slipped a few times but that was part of the fun.

I remember beggin my stepfather not to put sand down so I could spend my day slipping and sliding. Little did I know how much slipping and sliding I’d actually do.

Around lunch time my mother bundled my sister and I up as we were about to journey to the center of Litchfield to do a little shopping.

We lived on route 202 at the time, about a quarter mile away from the Litchfield Green.

We went to Superior Foods so mom could buy a few groceries, then we went to Murphy’s Drug Store where my sister and I were allowed to buy candy.

I remember leaving Murphy’s with a little brown bag filled with goodies.  That’s the only thing I remember about being in the center of town that day….

I opened my eyes. I was on my back on the side of route 202. My mother and sister hovered over me. They were crying. I was confused.

My mother told me I had turned around to say something, slipped and landed on my back.

Mom tells me I was unconscious for about a minute.

When we arrived back home mom called  Doctor Wan K. Moon. He said as long as I wasn’t dizzy, seeing spots or nauseous I should be okay. He also advised her to keep me awake for a few hours.

Aside from a little headache I felt fine.

I remember watching TV for a while until it was time to leave for Torrington and go to  dads for the night.

As we left the house to venture to the car, I noticed the  sidewalk that I had so much fun on earlier in the day  was now covered with sand. I was glad.

As soon as I arrived at dad’s my grandfather gave me the classic concussion test.

“How many fingers am I holding up,” he asked, holding up three digits.

“Three,” I responded.

“Ahh, your fine,” he said, as he went back to watching TV.

It was the only time in my life I  lost consciousness. Aside from passing out a few times from drinking too much, it was the only time I was not in control of whether I stayed awake or slept.

Although I may have been knocked out one day as my friend Bob and I wrestled in my room. Rumor has it he kicked me in the face and dropped me like a ton of bricks. Though, memories from my days with Bob are spotty at best.

Be carefull out there today.

and speaking of falling……………



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desmondThat is the title of tonight’s all new episode of LOST. What does it mean? Who or what is “Jughead” ? More on that later.

So, as expected, as if I’d say anything else, as if I’ve ever been disappointed, LOST came back in style last week with its 2hour premiere.

We learned lots o’ stuff didn’t we?

First of all, apparently the island didn’t move to one place and time. It’s moving back and forth, from place to place and time to time. Thanks to resident expert Dan Farady, the turning of the frozen donkey wheel knocked the island out of whack and now it’s like a giant time machine, traveling from time to time before it eventually settles….sometime.

And what a treat that blink if you miss it scene where Farady somehow ended up waaaaay back in time to when the frozen wheel that moves the island was first discovered (built?).

We saw some old friends last week to. Evil Ethan and bitchy Ana-Lucia popped in to say hello. Please, while we’re bringing people back to mess with Hurley, please consider Mr. Ecko! I really miss that dude.

And what’s with the spooky old british lady, who apparently knows all the secrets of time travel and is working with Ben. You remember her from the Desmond-centric episode from last season, The Constant, don’t you? She is somehow involved in the overall mythology of the show.

And speaking of old Desi, tonight’s episode, it appears is centered around him and Penny. Thanks to a nifty time traveling trick from Farady, Desi now knows that he must return to the island to save his friends. Will Penny go back with him? And if she does, who’s gonna baby sit junior?


The girl in my bed

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I woke up and she was there. Naked. Dark skin. Long wavy black hair. Laying next to me, head in her hand, propped up on her elbow.

It took me about five seconds to remember. Then, like a puzzle, it all fell into place. We’d met the night before at a party. I made her laugh. She thought I was interesting. We both drank a bit too much, and here we are. Problem was, I didn’t know her name. I knew I knew it last night, but it escaped me now.

By the looks of her, I thought it might be something exotic. She had that look. I’d describe it as islandy.

“Good morning,” she said, with some sort of accent. Brazilian maybe?

“Good morning,” I said, back. Before I could say anything else, like the wrong name, she started kissing me. Not passionately, kind of like a married couple or at least a couple who were very comfortable with each other.

The next thing I knew it was the middle of the day. The sun was shining but it was cold. We were walking together and we had coffee in our hands.

“What do you want to do,” she asked.

As I answered, “I don’t care, it’s up to you,” I thought how odd, that it seemed like only seconds ago we were in my bedroom kissing and now we were walking in the sunny cold, drinking coffee.

Also strange, I was in love with this girl I’d known about 12 hours. And she loved me. She didn’t say it and neither did I. It was just a fact that didn’t need to be proved.

As happy as I was something didn’t seem right. That thought was at the forefront of my mind as we got into my jeep…..

My eyes popped open. The TV was on, as it is every morning when I wake up. I was in my bed. I was alone.

Her face was still in my mind and the love I felt for this woman as we walked in the sun was still with me. Her face, though clear in my mind was disappearing, along with it, this phony love created by a mind that wanders at will while the rest of me sleeps.

People dream every night. Some dreams we remember, most we don’t. Sometimes, as I’m dreaming I even know I’m dreaming. If I am uncomfortable in a dream, I am a master of shaking myself awake. I do this a lot during nightmares.

This dream, the one about the girl, was one of those odd ones. Odd because they seem so real. Unlike a dream but more like a vivid memory.

I’ve been having those dreams a lot lately. The ones that seem all too real. Let me just say, I’m not on any sleep aids, anti-depressents or anti-smoking pills, that some people have told me cause really wild dreams. None the less, for the last week, I’ve been having crazy crazy night time adventures.

This past week, besides being in love, I’ve been chased by criminals, I’ve been a criminal myself, I got shot in the head, didn’t feel any pain and didn’t die, I’ve been 31 years old in my brain but stuck back in high school without any of my friends and in danger of failing and, an old flame, once again, wanted me. Yup, that’s been my week.

I was discussing these dreams with a co-worker of mine and he actually had a pretty good theory. He thought maybe my dreams, like anyone else’s, are fucked up everynight. However, for some reason, over the last week, I’ve just done a better job remembering them.

Does that mean the craziest dreams are taking place right before I wake up and that’s why they stick in my mind? Is that how it works?

I guess I should be thankful that crazy dreams are all I have to deal with as I sleep. I have one friend on Ambien who wakes up in the middle of the night, eats raw bacon and has no recollection of it the next morning.

Mmm bacon…….

Movie Studios! Anything to make a buck!

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25 Songs I Really Love

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In no particular order

-Solsberry Hill by Peter Gabriel

-It’s the end of the world as we know it by REM

-Billy Jean by Michael Jackson

-Human Touch by Bruce Springsteen

-Did You Ever Look So Nice by The Samples

-Graceland by Paul Simon

-Manic Monday by The Bangles

-Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

-Walk The Line by Johnny Cash

-Rain on the Scarecrow by John Mellencamp

-Jacob’s Ladder by Huey Lewis and the News

-Sparkle by Phish

-Fall Down by Toad the Wet Sprocket

-I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2

-Don’t Stop Believing by Journey

-Found Out About You by The Gin Blossoms

-King of Pain by The Police

-Warehouse by The Dave Matthews Band

-Move This by Technotronic

-Without Me by Eminem

-Do They Know It’s Christmas by Band Aid

-Twice As Hard by The Black Crows

-MFC by Pearl Jam

-The Scientist by Coldplay

-End of the line by The Traveling Wilburys


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As an avid YOUTUBE browser, I never know what I’m going to stumble across.

Yesterday, I clicked on a video where some dude surprises his girlfriend with a wedding proposal. I’m pretty sure this will turn even the most manly of us into mush.

This guy and his girl are camp counselors, working for Oklahoma U. The guy orchestrates a camp game called “Gorilla-Man-Gun” It’s described as a variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors, but instead of using hand signals you use your whole body. The rules are simple:

Man beats Gun, Gun beats Gorilla, Gorilla beats man. And, it’s played boys against the girls.

So, the girl thinks it’s just another typical camp game, but in reality, her boyfriend orchestrated the whole damn thing as a way to secretly propose to her.

Her reaction when he pops the question is PRICELESS!

The video is about 10 minutes long. To get the full effect, I suggest watching the whole thing, but, if you just want to see the proposal, fast-forward to about 5 minutes: 50 seconds and watch from there.

My favorite part of the video is the girl, I believe her name is Ali, dancing to the Gorilla-Man-Gun song as she waits to challenge her boyfriend. “Well The Gorilla beats the The Man, Man beats The Gun, Gun beats Gorilla, if you tie you die!”

 She has no clue what’s coming.

If I was anywhere close to proposing marriage to someone, I would totally have kept this vid to myself and stole the idea.

But alas…..

LOST: Season 5 Premiere!!

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My favorite show, the best on TV, Lost, returns tonight with a 2 hour premiere beginning at 9 p.m. on ABC. (8pm if you want to watch the one hour recap)

So much revealed in the Season 4 Finale:

-The ISLAND can move through time! All it takes it the turning of a giant wheel buried deep beneath the surface. Normally the polar bears would turn the wheel. Remember when Charlotte found a dead polar bear in Tunisia with a Dharma collar? But since there weren’t any bears available, Ben did the honors and in the process moved the island somewhere in time and moved himself 11 months into the future. Remember the episode last season where Ben inexplicably ended up in Tunisia?  And in that episode, when talking with Sayid , it was revealed that Sayid had been off the island for 11 months. So does that mean when you move the island you end up about a year in the future? How far ahead does the island move? Think about it, if the island only moved, say, one minute into the future, those without the ability to time travel would never find it because they would never catch up to it. They would always be one minute behind…I think. Is that why the island has been so hard to find? And lets not forget Desmond, who can seemingly move his conscience through space and time. How will he fit into the mystery? Other than being in love with Penny, the daughter of the man who wants the island all to himself, aka Charles Widmore.

-Locke ends up dead! Noooooooo! Bastards!  In the final scene of the finale we learned Locke aka Jeremy Bentham, was dead. Before he bit the bullet he seemingly told The Oceanic 6 they had to go back to the island. Why? What went wrong? How and why did Locke get off the island. Hmm.

-Apparently dead are Jin and Michael who bit the dust when the freighter exploded. But, having not seen their body parts flying all over place, I wont believe they are truly ghosts until I see them in Jacob’s cabin hanging with Claire and Jack’s dad.

So, Ben told Jack that the entire Oceanic 6 have to go back to the island to fix things. The hows and whys will most likely drive season 5. I bet they don’t get back to the island until the finale and then in Lost’s finale season, season 6, it will be all about the original island crew, back on the island, fighting for it against Charles Windmore.

And what the hell did Sawyer whisper in Kate’s sexy ear before he Peter Panned off the helicopter so it wouldn’t crash? My money is on, “Sweetie, write me a letter, let me know who won American Idol.”

I’ll meet you all around 9pm at the secret location. And remember the password is………..