30 years/30 memories

Today I turn 30.  Am I getting old?  Compared to Aidan, Yes, definitely.  I’m getting old.  Compared to My father, who turned 60 this year, I’m still that punk kid who got busted for stealing football cards from Caldors.

I suppose being 30 won’t matter much after today.  Today, because it’s my birthday, I’ll think about it.  I’ll ponder my existence in this world.  I’ll be extremely happy to have made it this far in one piece.  I’ll be extremely depressed that I have no wife/kids/home of my own.  Yes, I’m sure I’ll run the gauntlet of emotions today.  But come tomorrow, everything will be okay.

Do you remember my birthday post from last year?  Remember the psychic who I saw when I was 25?  She told me at age 29 I’d be challenged.  She said 29 would be a tough year for me.  So was it?  Was the psychic who was right about everything else right about that?  You’re damn right she was!!

This year My Grandmother died.  My father spent 3 days in the ICU with internal bleeding. ( he’s fine now ).  When I was 25 Keely was the love of my life.  I figured by the time I was 30 we’d be married with a kid.  Well, in year 29 Keely got married and had a kid…with someone other than me.  I’m fine with that, and it’s not a big deal.  But when I was 25, if that psychic had told me about Keels then, hell, I might of jumped of a cliff by now!

So yeah, I’d like to track that mystic down, slap her across the face and ask her more questions about the years to come….then again….maybe I don’t.

Now, for the hell of it, I’d like to share with you 30 Memories that have seemed to stick with me over the years.  These are random and are in no particular order.  I may be all over the place here, but let’s do it…..

  1. I remember my dog Crust.  A golden retriever and the first thing not related to me that I ever loved.  The day he got hit by a car was the saddest day of my life until grampy died 8 years later.
  2. I remember Yankee games with my dad.  My dad and I were never close and baseball was the only thing we ever had in common.  I remember when Bernie Williams hit a grand slam to put the Yankees ahead.  My dad and I attempted a hi-five and we missed…..never close.
  3. I remember my senior year of high school.  To this day I believe it was THAT year that defined who I am today.  I had the greatest friends in the history of the world.  If there is a God, I thank him for that year.
  4. I remember the tickling game with grampy.( get yer minds outta the gutter)  He’d take of his glasses and pretend he was the “tickle monster”  One day I laughed so hard from being tickled I threw up.  Good times.
  5. I remember summers with Bob.  He was my neighbor.  We played from 8am to 9pm right on the street.  We would constantly try to invent “the greatest game ever invented by kids”  We came up with games like “The Clue Game” and “Big Momma”  Ask me how to play sometime….or ask Bob.
  6. I remember my first day of school in 4th grade.  I was new to the litchfield school system.  There was an odd kid next to me who seemed really nervous.  He kept picking at his ear.  The name tag on his desk said Adam Benedict.
  7. I remember my mom in a yellow bathrobe standing in an illuminated hallway carrying my newborn sister. ( Yes, I really remember that )
  8. I remember falling through a boarded up hole in my neighborhood.  The punk kids I was hanging around with started running around the hood chanting “Walter’s Face is Bleeding, Walter’s Face is Bleeding!”
  9. I remember my sister and I lip-syncing to “You Can Call Me Al”  just like Paul Simon and Chevy Chase did in the video.  We had the whole routine down pat.  The typewriter was our keyboard and the dog toys were our saxophones.
  10. I remember talking on the phone in Tai’s bedroom.  I remember a girl who I recognized but didn’t know, walking in and in a sweet voice saying, “Could you let me know when you’re off the phone”  Her name was Keely Weik.
  11. I remember Joe hugging Me and Tai at the same time the night before we left for college.
  12. I remember dancing to the odd couple theme in my living room.
  13. I remember Jewett inviting me to Dairy Queen for ice cream, then asking me to be his best man.
  14. I remember “stealing” Cooter’s car and going to Boston with Adam and Tai to visit Bub and Christine.  We drank, and laughed, and watched movies for 4 days straight.  Bub flunked his exams, Cooter didn’t talk to us for a week, and I loved every minute of it.
  15. I remember night walks with Ads.  We would park our car in the center of Litchfield and walk.  We called it shooting the shit.
  16. I remember My grandfather, in a moment of senility, borrowing my car and getting lost in Torrington.  My dad and I drove around for hours looking for him.  I bumped into Tai while we were searching.  After I told him what was going on Tai borrowed his mom’s car and joined in the search.  I remember my father crying when I told him Tai was helping us look.
  17. I remember taking my first bong rip at Larry Sullivan’s party.  Then I spun around on the floor laughing hysterically.  Parties at Larry’s……
  18. I remember seeing U2 at the Hartford Civic Center with Bub, Mere, and Jewett.  I rember Sunday Bloody Sunday and I remember Jewett and I peeing in our empty beer cups so we wouldn’t miss any of the show.
  19. I remember sitting  shotgun in a car with Kris Waters.  We pulled up along this older couple walking their dog in Torrington.  Kris casually stuck his head out the window and said “Hey Buddy, do you think you could fit your fist up her pussy?”
  20. I remember My Senior Prom and dancing to ‘It’s The End of The World As We Know It’.  During the chorus everyone threw their hands up into the air and sang along.
  21. I remember holding Keely’s hand at the hospital.
  22. I remember Adam walking out of Dairy Mart with a bag of smartfood and slipping on the ice.  He didn’t drop the popcorn even though he landed on his back.  I’m laughing out loud right now.
  23. I remember my 25th Birthday in NYC.  I remember the Yanks/Sox game from the bleachers.  I remember Adam’s wasabi and I remember a flaming Mattie at Flashdancers.
  24. I remember my mother coming home from work and waking me up to tell me The Howling was on HBO and I could watch if I wanted to.  I did.
  25. I remember a snowstorm, mushrooms, Tai’s house, and Tai’s Mom.
  26. I remember taking a nap in Bub’s bedroom in Boston along with 10 other people while The Samples played on the CD player.
  27. I remember Valentine’s Day and Red Headed Sluts with Jay and Jamie.
  28. I remember picking Aidan up at Daycare for the first time when he was 2.  The shear scream of joy from him when he saw me walk through the door has never made me feel so wanted. Aidan Nathaniel Weik;  The first person I’ve ever loved more than myself.
  29. I remember Christine and The StarWars Trilogy.
  30. I remember the first CD I ever bought:  Def Leppard’s Adrenalize.

A pretty Random List, I know.  But that’s the best way to sum up my life so far….Random.


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