Age of Innocence

As Aidan and I sat in Dunkin Donuts, I noticed him notice me causally glance out the window at some girls walking by. The girl who caught my eye obviously caught his as well.

She was the kind of girl you’d see at Huskies on nickel night. She was wearing a skin tight green tank top.  She must of been a D-cup, at least Heavy Cs. She was wearing jean cut off shorts that looked about 3 sizes too small.  And of course, she was wearing strappy black heels. She walked through the Dunkin Donuts parking lot as if her shit didn’t stink.  And, if I had to put money on it, I’d wager it didn’t.

I looked at Aidan.  His gaze turned from the girl, to me, and back to the girl.

“I can’t believe people dress like that,” I remarked, trying to sound responsible.

Aidan dug his hand into the Dunkin Donuts bag and pulled out a glazed munchkin. Before he took a bite he casually said,

“Girls dress like that so boys will notice them.”

I laughed, as I was very impressed that a 6 year old would reply with such obvious and CORRECT knowledge.

“Who told you that?” I asked

“Nobody, I just know.”

I laughed again and began sipping my ice coffee.  Aidan, however, had more to teach me about girls.

“And guys dress cool to get girls to notice them too,” he said licking the frosting off his fingers.

“What is dressing cool?” I asked him, dying to hear his response.

“You know, like wearing your hat backwards, or having an earing.”

“So do you think If I started dressing cool, I could get a girlfriend,” I grinned.

Aidan reached into the bag for the last munchkin before replying,

“Na, you’re too fat,” he said as he stuffed the last donut is his mouth.

Yes, the little man is definitely at an awkward age.  Old enough to be curious about the opposite sex, but still too young for me to slap him.


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