Aidan’s Gotta Girlfriend

So it’s 3 o’clock.  I walk into Aidan’s school to pick him up. 

We were on our way to see Open Season at the mall. ( i wanted to see Texas Chainsaw Massacre but Keely put the kaybash on that one )

Aidan and I were at his locker.  He was grabbing his belongings.  When who should walk out into the hallway but the cutest little girl in the world.  She had curly blonde hair, and glasses. 

She strolled over and said in the sweetest little voice “Goodbye Aidan” 

Being a typical guy Aidan said “Bye” without ever looking up from his locker. 

Then a little conversation started that went a little something like this:

LITTLE GIRL: “So what movie are you going to see”

AIDAN: ( once again without looking up ) “We’re going to see Open Season”

LITTLE GIRL: “I wish I could go to the movies”

AIDAN: “Today it’s just me and Uncle Walt”

LITTLE GIRL: “Who’s Uncle Walt?”

AIDAN: “Right there” ( Aidan simply motioned to me with his head as he stuffed papers into his backpack )

The little girl looked up at me and smiled.  Then she once again focused her attention on Aidan.

LITTLE GIRL: “Uncle Walt’s BIG”

Aidan didn’t respond.  He was ready to go. 

I decided to make a comment. “That’s right, Uncle Walt is big.”  I wasn’t sure if I was embarrassed, amused, or ready to pinch the little snot.

The teacher then told us to have a nice time.  She and the little girl walked back into the classroom.

As Aidan and I walked down the hallway and out into the world Aidan casually said to me “Uncle Walt, when she said you were big, she didn’t mean FAT.”

“Thanks Buddy”  I really needed to hear that.


One Response to “Aidan’s Gotta Girlfriend”

  1. this made me laugh
    very nice

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