When I first started this website and My sister got wind of it, she had but one request, “Don’t put any stories up about me!” Lora, it’s been 3 and a half months.  I’ve honored that request longer than I’d originally intended to. Please find comfort in that…

It was roughly a year ago just before sunrise.  I was tossing and turning in my bed.  I couldn’t sleep and I was pissed about it.  I heard My sister upstairs getting ready for work.  She left for her job as a mail carrier every morning at 5:30.  It was in this instant, for no other reason than “that’s who I am”, that I decided to be an ass.

I knew in roughly 5 minutes she’d walk downstairs, past my room, out the back door and into the driveway to her car.  My plan was to give her the scare of her life.  I heard her start to come down the stairs.  I quietly snuck out the back door.  I stood outside in the cold pre dawn air giddy with anticipation.  I casually glanced around my neighborhood.  It was quiet. I was a bit worried that a neighbor might see me, but not worried enough to abort the mission.

I heard Lora’s footsteps on the hard wood floor.  She was approaching.  I stood off to the side of the door with my back pressed against the house.  The door began to open.  I waited just long enough until I knew the door was open wide enough for her to have a clear view of the driveway.  In that instant I hopped in front of my sister with my arms spread wide as if I was carrying a large box. When I was planted directly in front of my sister I screamed as loud as I could like some crazed lunatic.

My sister didn’t move.  She was completely frozen in mid step, as if time had stopped.  The look on her face was one I’d not seen in my 24 years of knowing her.  I could only describe it with 2 words: SHEAR TERROR.  I instantly began to laugh.

After about 15 seconds My sister composed herself and violently brushed by me toward her car. As she fumbled with her car keys she spoke one sentence, and it was all she would say to me for the next 2 weeks, “You’re lucky I don’t have my mace you fucking asshole!”

As I laughed my way back into the house I began to think how truly traumatizing the whole experience must of been for her.  I’m sure the last thing she expected to see when she opened that door at 5:30 in the morning was ME screaming my head off. To this day I’ll never forget the look on My sister’s face. It was as if Lora opened that door and saw  Lucifer himself.


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