Years of New Years Parties

New Years Eve, my favorite night of the year, is 2 days away!  It’s not just the partying I love.  It’s the energy, excitement, atmosphere, and closeness of friends that make this holiday so fun for me. Here’s a quick rundown of New Years past.  Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve been a part of at least one or all of them:

95: I remember sitting in Adam’s tiny bedroom about a week before New Years Eve.  There were probably 8 of us in the room.  I told them all that my mother was leaving for the weekend and I’d be home alone.  The big discussion was not whether or not to have a party, but what adult was gonna buy us the keg!  Besides the complete destruction of my mother’s house, what I recall most about ’95 was the Midnight countdown.  I was in the upstairs bathroom, throwing up.  I could hear everyone downstairs counting down from 10.  As everyone cheered at the stroke of midnight, I had but one thought…I was graduating in 5 months.

96: My mother was once again going away.  If 25 people were at my mom’s house the year before, then 60 were planning on coming this year.  The keg was ordered, excitement filled the air.  Except for one problem, my mother canceled her trip on New Years Eve day.  We spent the whole day trying to decide what to do.  Around 8o’clock Christine called us at Tai’s. Her parents were gone.  She was worried about the damage that could be done to her house after what happened to mine the year before…but under the pressure of 50 animals waiting to party, she caved.  The night started with Bub declaring “Everyone starts with 5 shots!!”  I recall an incident in the middle of the party, Christine’s older brother Anthony stopped by.  What a site he walked into.  Roughly 50 underage kids, drinking, dancing, smoking, playing cards, making out in bedrooms.  “Are you mad?” Christine asked.  Anthony’s New Years Eve Response: “It’s not my house.”

97:This year we decided to do a little traveling.  Our friend Larry Sullivan was housesitting down by the ocean in Clinton CT.  If you attended Litchfield High School between 93-96, chances are you attended one of Larry’s parties. They were legendary.  We were more than happy to travel the hour to party with Larry.  My most vivid memory from this party, My stupid friends jumping into the Atlantic Ocean shortly after midnight.  Talk about a sobering experience.

98: More traveling! This year we went to Bub’s apartment in Boston.  4 carloads of us made the pilgrimage.  Except for cooter who had to work until 10 back in Litchfield.  It was in this moment that the first ever New Years Eve Miracle occurred.  Cooter, along with his travel companion Krista, walked into Bub’s place just as the clock struck midnight.  Up until that second we didn’t think he was coming at all.  Rumor has it that he arrived to bub’s at 11 and waited outside till midnight to make a GRAND entrance, but that’s just a rumor.

99:This year kicked off the first in what would be a UCONN triple header.  We were celebrating at Jewett’s apartment.  My most vivid memory from this party: Adam, with his size 11 sneaker stepping on poor Keely’s head in the middle of the night as he tried to make it to the bathroom in the dark.  How startling was this for poor Keely?  Her response to being stepped on, “He’s killing me!”

2000( The Millennium): New Years 2K will always be my favorite New Years of them all.  And I really don’t know why.  I’d say about 30 of us crammed into Jewetts apartment again.  But something was different, maybe the energy level was higher because of Y2K.  It just seemed as everyone appreciated the company of friends so much.  I remember midnight like it was yesterday, we were rocking out to Prince’s 1999. ( duh ) As the countdown started I remember standing up on the couch and looking out into the sea of people in the living room.  Everyone was smiling, and hugging, and drinking, and counting.  As I glanced around the room I made eye contact with Jewett.  He smiled at me.  This was his party, and I didn’t remember the last time I had so much fun…eh, who am I kidding, we just drank alot more booze than usual that year….i wonder if Jewett ever found his keys?

2001:My favorite New Years, Y2K, was followed by my least favorite, 2001.  There was only a small group of us that ventured to Uconn.  Not at Jewett’s this year.  Instead we were at Carriage House.  Most people at the party I didn’t know, the music was too loud and too thugged out.  Maybe I was just expecting too much after 2000.  Who knows, I just know for the first time ever I was psyched to pass out early.

2002: This year was somewhat a return to form. For the first time since 96 we didn’t have to travel more than an hour to get to the party.  This year New Years was held at Cooter’s house on Highland lake in Winsted.  The group was once again big, and I believe the New Years Spirit that was lost the year before had been rediscovered.  At the stoke of midnight I put on U2’s Beautiful Day, which was very popular at the time.  Everyone sung and danced along.  New Years was back and I couldn’t of been more happy.

2003-2004( The Dark Years): For 2003, and 2004 New Years was held in Harwington at Cooter and Gruzzy’s place.  I’m lumping these 2 together because as far as I’m concerned it’s basically the same party repeated twice.  I honesty have memories from these parties but I can’t distinguish between the 2.  I remember being really sick for one of them. I remember gruzzy flipping out cuz someone had fallen asleep in his bed, I remember Adam passed out under a desk, but I don’t know where or when these instances occurred.  I have very vivid memories of every New Years except these 2.  I know I had fun, I know everyone came, but these parties just seemed more ordinary than a typical New Years bash. Eh, maybe it’s because I was strung out on Vicodin.

2005: The 10 year anniversary was held at the Jewett’s in Danbury.  Simply put, it was a good time.  I was disappointed that Bub was sick and couldn’t go, and that Tai couldn’t go cuz his scary girlfriend wouldn’t let him, but other than that I have no complaints.  Played a little beerpong, played some poker and some setback until the wee hours of the morning.  As much as I love cards I just feel I should’ve partied more this year.  I feel like I was a bit unsocial at this New Years.  Who knows, maybe it’s because I had nothing to say to Jewett’s boring teacher friends.

Dooleys 2006: Goddammit it’s time for a change!! I’ve always said I fear change, but like Keely always said to me, “Walt, you need to grow up!” This year for the first time in the history of New Years, we are going out.  No more house parties for us.  A group of 10 are venturing to Boston to explore the unknown, a New Years Eve on the town.  Thanks to Erin Peck.  Her college friends are renting out a bar, Mr Dooley’s right in the heart of Boston.  For $80 I can eat and drink all the Red Bull and Vodkas I want.  I’m a bit disappointed that all my friends can’t be there, but I’ve grown to accept that fact over the years.  Part of me is hoping that by doing something different on New Years Eve, maybe I can recapture a bit of that magic that disappeared after 2000.  Or maybe not, maybe it’ll never come back.  But I suppose that’s okey.  I suppose it’s the memories that are important.  Good times or Bad times, I can’t wait to make some new memories Saturday Night.  Happy New Year Everyone!!!


4 Responses to “Years of New Years Parties”

  1. Walt! You know it’s 2009 now, right?

  2. bigdaddygouda Says:

    Yes meg I know. That is an old post I wrote 2 years ago that I wanted to
    save. So, though it appears new, it is actually quite old, I’m talking like 2006 old.

  3. I’m confused here…I was at Dooley’s for New Year’s, but not in ’06. On 12/31/06, I was pushing a baby out. What am I missing? Oh maybe you mean ‘ringing in ’06’…Okay, I’m with you….I think.

  4. bigdaddygouda Says:

    These dates are all “ringing in dates”. As in the first one went from 1994 to 1995 and so forth.

    Yes, you were definetly at Dooley’s. How could we forget Dooley’s. It started off great and ended with Brian breaking up a fight between a rich dude and a homeless guy outside some hotel.

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