As an avid YOUTUBE browser, I never know what I’m going to stumble across.

Yesterday, I clicked on a video where some dude surprises his girlfriend with a wedding proposal. I’m pretty sure this will turn even the most manly of us into mush.

This guy and his girl are camp counselors, working for Oklahoma U. The guy orchestrates a camp game called “Gorilla-Man-Gun” It’s described as a variation of Rock-Paper-Scissors, but instead of using hand signals you use your whole body. The rules are simple:

Man beats Gun, Gun beats Gorilla, Gorilla beats man. And, it’s played boys against the girls.

So, the girl thinks it’s just another typical camp game, but in reality, her boyfriend orchestrated the whole damn thing as a way to secretly propose to her.

Her reaction when he pops the question is PRICELESS!

The video is about 10 minutes long. To get the full effect, I suggest watching the whole thing, but, if you just want to see the proposal, fast-forward to about 5 minutes: 50 seconds and watch from there.

My favorite part of the video is the girl, I believe her name is Ali, dancing to the Gorilla-Man-Gun song as she waits to challenge her boyfriend. “Well The Gorilla beats the The Man, Man beats The Gun, Gun beats Gorilla, if you tie you die!”

 She has no clue what’s coming.

If I was anywhere close to proposing marriage to someone, I would totally have kept this vid to myself and stole the idea.

But alas…..


One Response to “Gorilla-Man-Gun”

  1. That was awesome!

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