desmondThat is the title of tonight’s all new episode of LOST. What does it mean? Who or what is “Jughead” ? More on that later.

So, as expected, as if I’d say anything else, as if I’ve ever been disappointed, LOST came back in style last week with its 2hour premiere.

We learned lots o’ stuff didn’t we?

First of all, apparently the island didn’t move to one place and time. It’s moving back and forth, from place to place and time to time. Thanks to resident expert Dan Farady, the turning of the frozen donkey wheel knocked the island out of whack and now it’s like a giant time machine, traveling from time to time before it eventually settles….sometime.

And what a treat that blink if you miss it scene where Farady somehow ended up waaaaay back in time to when the frozen wheel that moves the island was first discovered (built?).

We saw some old friends last week to. Evil Ethan and bitchy Ana-Lucia popped in to say hello. Please, while we’re bringing people back to mess with Hurley, please consider Mr. Ecko! I really miss that dude.

And what’s with the spooky old british lady, who apparently knows all the secrets of time travel and is working with Ben. You remember her from the Desmond-centric episode from last season, The Constant, don’t you? She is somehow involved in the overall mythology of the show.

And speaking of old Desi, tonight’s episode, it appears is centered around him and Penny. Thanks to a nifty time traveling trick from Farady, Desi now knows that he must return to the island to save his friends. Will Penny go back with him? And if she does, who’s gonna baby sit junior?



2 Responses to “JUGHEAD”

  1. winterfresh22 Says:

    I can’t wait for tonights episode and Al Trautwig’s thoughts on it. He is a commentator for Knicks and Rangers and now I just found out he is actually a Lost fan.. He started his own weekly Lost blog where he some really funky theories on the whole time travel concept and how he thinks that Miles is the son of Dr. Marvin Candle! it’s crazy! Check it out:


  2. I love Mr. Ecko! I hope he makes an appearance! Loved last week…still trying to figure things out though!

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