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12 More Memories

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I had meant to do more of my facebook memories the other night but I truly did have a splitting headache. Tonight I’m going to attempt to bang out a bit more.

ERIC “EROCK” LAMBERT:  You came running up to me at the bar, excited to tell me about the new drink you invented. You pulled out a double shot glass filled with vodka, reached into your pocket, pulled out a percocet pill, dropped it into the glass and chugged it. You dubbed it: The Perc-Bomb!

MICHAEL LAMERE: Myself, Ads and Tai stumbled into an old barn in Bantam where you Clem and Reben had set up makeshift indoor basketball court. The best kept secret in Bantam for a short while.

DONALD LANTHIER: I believe it was six three pointers in a row during a bball game at home your senior year. A few days later in Statistics class I asked you how you did on your test. You turned the paper over, face down and said, “Put it this way, my score is lower than my point total in last weeks game.”

KAREN LEIGH: I met you at the Red Door along with your sister. You told me you were a fan of my Web site. I apologized for it being so vulgar sometimes and you said, “Are you kidding, that’s my favorite part.”

JOSH LIPTON: Driving through Torrington with Waters and others, screaming at T-town’s most prestigious citizens.

RICO LONGORIA: I met you at a picnic at Erin/Aaron’s. You were wearing a Detroit Tigers hat. Me, being the cocky Yankee fan said, “You know by the end of the season you’re going to have to burn that hat.” You kind of just laughed it off. Four months later in the playoffs, Those same Detroit Tigers eliminated the Yankees in four games.

STACY PECK LONGORIA: Listing to you hum the guitar and piano parts during CLOCKS while performing Karaoke at Senor Panchos.

KASEY GILL LUCE:  It was a Friday night. The gang was bouncing around from place to place. We ended up at Ads house and I got my hands on the video camera. I zoomed in and asked you, “Who is your favorite stooge? Larry, Curly, (pause) or Moe.” You turned red, everyone laughed and 14 years later I still remember it.

KATE MANCUSO: You, Jay Maroon and I sat next to each other at a Firework show in Burlington. After a short conversation you said you were surprised that I was a nice guy because you’d always assumed I was a jerk.

JASON “Stahj” MAROON: Senior Year. You had just shaved your head the night before. You sat a few rows in front of me in Psychology class. I pulled back on a rubber band, aimed square for the back of your head and fired. Bullseye! You tensed up and howled, “Owww!” Instantly your shiny head turned bright read where I’d hit you. As you turned around, anger in your eyes, I casually turned to Cooter, who was sitting next to me, clueless. “Dude, he just shaved his head, you shouldn’t of done that,” I said, attempting to show genuine concern for your well being.  Cooter looked at me, confused as hell. “You’re a real dickhead,” you shouted to Cooter, who sat there silently, wondering what the hell he’d just missed.

TINA CARETTA MAROON: Watching you score 35 points in a high school basketball game….wait…I think that was your brother Gabe.

JENNA MARZULLO: We were at a party in Woodbury, talking on the porch. There was strobe light going. “I really shouldn’t be out here,” I said. “I’m an epileptic and these lights could give me a seizure.” Your face was instantly filled with compassion as you volunteered to go inside with me, away from the flashing white lights. I started laughing. “Gotchya!” I said. You smiled but had that, ‘how could someone joke about that’ look on your face. Yes, I’m going to hell.


Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham

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I’m just going to say it; all episodes from this season are amazing. Last weeks journey back to the island left us with plenty of questions. Here’s is what Losties in cyberspace are wondering about:

  • How did hero Hurley learn of Ajira flight 316 from his jail cell, with time to spare to buy up all the seats? Why did Hurley bring a guitar? Was it to re-create Charlie’s presence on the original flight, or is it for Charlie on the Island?
  • Why is Sayid in cuffs, and how did he learn about the flight?
  • Are passenger Caesar and Sayid’s escort Ilana  just unlucky schmucks who are about to land on Lost Island, or are they undercover O6 escorts sent by Team Hawking? 
  • What kind of magical childcare did Kate find for Aaron?
  • Who beat up Ben Linus and why? I mean, beating up Ben is all in good fun, but it’s hard to get the drop on the dude, so who done it?!
  • If there was no crash of Ajira 316, did the Losties just flash out of the plane, and if so, how is that going to be explained short of an episode of Fringe?

More specifically here is what I’m thinking:

Why was ben black and blue? Did he get in a fight with Desmond while trying to kill Penny? Did he kill Penny? Where is Aaron? Did Kate seduce Jack and get pregnant before boarding the plane to re-create Claire’s pregnancy on the original flight? Is that why Sayeed got arrested? To re-create Kate being on the plane with a Federal Marshal? Did Sayeed confess to killing those Whidmore guys so Hurley could be set free from jail? Hurley with Charlie’s guitar? It was all so subtle, yet so perfect.

Tonight, like a bunch of unfortunate polar bears and Ben Linus before him, Locke turns the wheel and ends up in Tunisia and then the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham plays out.

It appears more and more likely that John Locke’s existence will not end in that casket. Too much left to do.

Yet more memories

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This is the third round of memories I’m sharing, alphabetically using my FACEBOOK friend list as a guide.

GESETTE JEWETT:Mark, your future husband, sent me to your dorm room at UCONN to “see if you were interested” in him. Rather than do that, I spent the entire 15 minutes flirting with you. When I got back to Mark’s room he asked me what I thought. “I can’t quite tell yet,” I responded.

JOANNE DEAN JORAY: I couldn’t figure out who the heck you were, posting on my Web site when I did my LOST blogs. Finally your sister, Sherry, cleared up the mystery for me, and told me I was an idiot.

HEATHER NEAL (Kavinsky):In seventh grade Brian Shafer said he would agree to go on a date with you if you followed him into the boys bathroom to ask him, which you did. And I think the jerk said ‘No’, obviously not expecting you to take him up on his threat.

COURTNEY KENNY: After a night of partying at Tai’s house, I made a really rude comment to you the next day. Some people who remember that day are surprised you even talk to me. It was typical me, trying to gain a laugh at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

KARA KERR:For five dollars, Tai sucked on your bunion for 30 seconds.

PHILIP KERR:In what became a yearly ritual at the Litchfield Hills Road Race, after the cannon went off, signaling the start of the race, you would sprint down Main Street and be the first one to turn the corner on to Meadow Street. You would cross the finish line of the 7.1 mile race about an hour and 15 minutes later.

MISOOK KIM (McTighe): Where’s Landon?

CHRIS KOSTECKI: While partying on the streets of Boston in the middle of the afternoon I announced to all my friends, “Hey, that kid looks like Chris Kostecki,” as what appeared to be your exact double came walking down the street. “I am Chris Kostecki,” you responded, to our shock and amazement. Hey, how the hell was I supposed to know you lived in Boston.

CHRISTINA KRUPINSKI (Gandi):You were having a summer party in high school. While playing volleyball someone from inside your house yelled that I had a phone call. I ran across your yard, hopped on to your deck and preceded to run into your house through an open screen sliding door. Problem was, the door wasn’t open. It just appeared that way. I bounced off the screen like I had smashed into a trampoline and landed, back first, on your deck. As I embarrassingly shook the cobwebs outta my head I couldn’t help but notice the laughter that had erupted from all around me.

AJA LADUKE: I wish I had a specific memory but I don’t. I just remember you always being quite, polite, and friendly whenever we ran into each other.  I think, before I actually met you, I may have asked Amy if you talked.

That’s all for today. I gotta headache.

Oscar Predictions

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slumdogThose of you who’ve been reading this site since its inception know that every year on the Friday before The Academy Awards, I do my annual Oscar predictions for the top 6 awards: Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress. As always, my goal is 4 out of 6 correct.

And here…we…go.

BEST PICTURE:I’ve seen all five contenders for the night’s top award. Without a doubt the Oscar should and WILL go to my favorite pic, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

BEST DIRECTOR:90 percent of the time, The Best Director award goes hand in hand with the Best Pic award. I expect this year to be no different. Expect Danny Boyle to walk away with the prize for Slumdog.

BEST ACTOR:This is a two horse race between previous winner Sean Penn for his portrayal of gay politician Harvey Milk and the comeback kid, Mickey Rourke for his comeback roll as washed up wrestler Randy “The Ram” Robinson. Rourke and Penn have split most of the pre-show awards with Rourke taking home the Golden Globe while Penn snagged the Screen Actors Guild award. This could go either way. That being said, I’m going with Rourke. The Academy loves a comeback, and while some say just being nominated is Rourke’s recognition, I’m going to take it one step further and say he squeaks out the win for The Wrestler.

BEST ACTRESS:Kate Winslet will win for The Reader. She’s been nominated six times in the past and lost everytime. She’s due and I’m thinking the full frontal nudity will push her over the edge.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: In the night’s most dramatic moment, a moment that will go do in OSCAR history, Heath Ledger will win this award for his portrayal of  The Joker in The Dark Knight. This is as close to a sure thing as you can get.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS:Hmm. This one I really have no clue. I’m leaning toward Amy Adams for her portrayal of a naive nun in DOUBT, but I’m thinking Penelope Cruz will most likely take the award for Vicky Christina Barcelona. I haven’t seen it but I hear she’s great. So I’ll go with her.

So there you have it: Slumdog, Danny Boyle, Rourke, Winslet, Ledger and Cruz.

Back to the island?

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While I pretty much let LOST do what it wants, I was really hoping that the entire season 5 would not be spent TRYING to get back to the island, only to finally end up there during the season finale.

It looks as though the Oceanic 6, plus Desmond, Ben and (dead) Locke may actually be on their way back to the island by the end of tonight’s episode. And that’s neato!!

It appears Eloise Hawking, Faraday’s mom as I predicted, will show the Losties how to get back to the island to save their friends. I for one am really looking forward to the hows and whys of island travel being explained. Even if it’s just a little nugget, I’m stoked for the details we may get tonight. Actually, we’ve pretty much been getting little answers every week this season haven’t we?

LOST has been in a dark room for five seasons and the light is finally starting to seep in through the corners.

So, shortly before Charlotte died last week (sniffle, sniffle), she told Farady that she remembered him as a scary old man on the island, telling her to stay away or risk death, and also, seemingly offering her chocolate before dinner. Remember her last words? “I’m not supposed to have chocolate before dinner?”

What if?

What if Daniel Farady is Jacob? What if Farady, being so distraught over losing the love of his life, dedicated his life to mastering the art of time travel and going back , waaaay back in time, to the early days of the island, to try and prevent the whole time traveling donkey wheel from being built. But instead, he messes everything up, fucks with the space time continuum and creates a spooky, time traveling, twisted,  backwards, magical island. The island we know today. The island we’ve been learning about for five season? What if the island is what it is, all electromagnetic and mysterious, because of Daniel Farday, traveling through time to save his dear Charlotte?

Too much to think about? Yeah, I thought so.


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It’s rare, but I was actually able to fill my long weekend with an abundance of fun activities.

Friday Bub and I went on a pre-Valentines Day date and attended the new Friday The 13th film. (we even managed to guzzle a few over-priced beers before the show. Anything to thin the blood) The return of Jason Vorhees was just what I’d expected and just what I hoped it would be: Lots of blood, decent scares, and, of course, lots of naked ladies. Though I did feel sorry for the 12 year old girl sitting next to me who spent the hour and a half film with her face in her hands, too terrified to look at the screen. That’s what she gets for wanting to be a big girl and see a slasher film instead of Paul Blart.

Saturday night I made the trek to Watertown along with Jay, Jamie, Krista, and my old friend Marcy. I usually try to spend Valentines Day consuming as much booze as possible and Saturday night was no different. By the end of the night the scary looking Cougars at the Red Door actually started to look kind of appealing.

Sunday Aidan and I attended the movie Coraline. I can’t recommend this film enough.  Is it too childish for adults? Is it too adult for kids? The answer to both those questions is “Hell No”. It’s a dark little fairy tale, teaching kids it’s important to be curious but be aware of the consequences that go with it.

Sunday night I nurtured my trashy side and indulged in some good ole fashioned rasslin’ on Pay Per View.

Monday, thanks to a Christmas present from Jamie, I attended the College Basketball Game of the Year along with Jamie, Jay and Joot. And although UCONN lost to Pitt thanks to some bonehead officiating and more so because Thabeet forgot he had a  game Monday night, I still had as much fun as you can have at a sporting event when your team loses.

So overall, probably the best weekend I’ve had so far in 2009 and believe me, I don’t take it for granted.

I’m already looking forward to the next big event on the horizon but if I told you what that was you wouldn’t believe me and would certainly deem me a lying scumbag.

More Memories

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Last week I began alphabetically rifling through my Facebook friends and jotting down memories about them on this site. Remember?

Anyway, lets us continue:

BECCA CLOCK:We were walking back to Tai’s after having dinner at Bantam Pizza. I was being a gentlemen and carrying the box of leftovers. I jokingly pretended to throw the box of pizza at you. In my haste the pizza came flying out of the box and crashed to the pavement in the parking lot of The Donut Station. Everyone laughed….and I felt like an ass.

JILL COFFEY:Myself and Sarah Stevenson went on a double date with you and Tai. We attended a screening of Interview With The Vampire at the Cinerom at Torrington. As we drove home we sang along to “So What’Chya Want” by The Beastie Boys.

LAURA Margaitis Comas (corn girl):I’ll never forget hanging out with you, Keely and Ericka at the Weik’s house that year. Our nights were spent watching crappy TV, gossiping and pigging out on sweets. During that time you refered to me as “One of the girls”.

LAUREN COOK: Myself and my friends sitting behind you and your friends during the opening of the play “Guys and Dolls”. I’m glad you turned around.

ANDREA CORBIN:Keely and Ericka hosted a party at their apartment on Church Street in Newington. “Walt, these are our friends, Andrea, Angela and Ria.”

SHERRY DEAN:I met you for the first time at Playscape in Litchfield. You were babysitting for your sister’s kid. When Mike Wilson showed up I thought he was your brother-in law and found it odd that you kissed him on the  lips when he arrived to meet you.

ASHLIE DRANGINIS: Realizing how feisty you were after you slapped one of my friends across the face because you thought he had called you the “C-word”.

STEPHANIE DYSON: Years after we graduated you stopped in to Blockbuster to rent a movie. I was working there as a clerk. You told me I was always a nice guy in high school. I felt guilty because I don’t think we said two words to each other in our many years as classmates.

KATHLEEN EBNER: I brought you home after school. You invited me inside. As you were giving me a tour of your house I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to puke my brains out.

GORNDON FALCETTI: Cutting a poker game short on New Years Eve because our rides were leaving.  We split the pot three ways and even though you were clearly the chip leader you gave myself and Erin a bigger cut of the cash.

ALICIA FARKASH BRAMMER:Listening to you sing all MY favorite songs at Panchos during Karaoke.

EDWARD FEDEROVICH:Becoming nauseous in fourth grade after watching Todd Stratton trip you at recess and you broke your arm.

AMY FERRAROTTI:You snuck out of your house, along with Marcy, to go play mini-golf and eat McDonalds with me, tai, Adam and Ethan.

JENNY FIELD:After realizing who you were many years ago at the Tavern, I spent 10 minutes apologizing to you for terrorizing you and your sister when we were kids playing king of the mountain at Nonni and Pop-Pop’s.

KATIE FIELD: see above

ALLISON FRIDAY:Attending Shrek The Third with you, Aidan and Bailee. We should do that more often!

AMY FROEBEL:Chappel live at Mohegan Sun with you, Gruzzy and Ads. During dinner before the show you asked, “So who is this Dave Chappel guy?”

JASON GIRARDIN: Calling you every Sunday during football season to place my bets.

LORA GOGOLYA: Luring you into the woods when you were 12 years old telling you I had to tell you a secret. When you were in position Bobby, who was hiding in a tree up above, peed on you.

BRYAN GRUSTAS:After driving to Central together on the first day of college my step-father Ray tapped you on the back of your head for not wearing your seat belt.  You told me if he had hit you any harder you would of started swinging.

CARIE ANN GRUSTAS: Tossing Steve Rossi out a second story window in 8th grade. Come on, could there be any other memory!

ANDY HAWK:You were the only one ‘Bov Hannas who could give me a run for my money at Wheel of Fortune on the Playstation.

BRENT HAWKINS: Before my first ever indoor track meet you told me I needed to bulk up because I was built like a 60 year old man.

JOHN JANUS: Even though I was terrified, you handed me the first and only gun I ever held.

That’s all for now. Join me next week as I stroll down memory lane with Sherry’s sis,  former members of the class of 95 and  some Kerrs’.