I wanna know

nessieIf some sort of all-knowing being visited me and told me I could have the answers to 10 questions, here is what I would ask it.

1. What happens after you die?

2. Why did all those planes and ships disappear in The Bermuda Triangle?

3. Did OJ Simpson kill Ron and Nicole?

4. Do Aliens exist?

5. If they do, where do they live?

6. The sun is located about 90 million miles away from earth. What is located 90 million miles on the other side of the sun?

7. Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?

8. Are ghosts real?

9. Is there a lochness monster?

10. How will LOST end?


2 Responses to “I wanna know”

  1. Brent Hawkins Says:

    The Answers!
    1. They bury you.
    2. Gravity and bad tourism advise.
    3. Yes!
    4. Yes!
    5. Near the Mexican border, Miami, and Bridgeport, CT.
    6. A McDonald’s.
    7. Smoking and lack of exercise.
    8. 88.7% of all ghost are real. The others are artificial.
    9. Yes. My bed-and-breakfast host in Scotland said that his mother-inl-law works at Loch Ness…”She swims around the lake!”
    10. I’m still working on that episode. My contract prohibits me from commenting.

  2. You could have just asked me!

    1. Your body decomposes and your soul is left to fend for itself.
    2. Because they are being sucked into an alternate universe.
    3. Of course.
    4. Yes, but only the non-resident aliens immigration officials speak about in hushed voices.
    5. In New York City. Oh yeah, and in Bridgeport, like your friend said above.
    6. We are. In June we are 90 million miles on one side of the sun, in December we are on the other side.
    7. Because a big meteor hit them in the face, releasing chemicals that blocked sunlight from reaching the earth’s surface.
    8. Yes, if you believe in them.
    9. Nessie is real.
    10. They all die and the screen goes black… no wait, wasn’t that The Sopranos?

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