Scattered Pic-tures of the way we were…..

I’m not going to lie, FACEBOOK gives me a lot of good ideas for things to write about.

About two weeks ago, I noticed and then stole the 25 Randoms  post idea, which has since taken off by the way.

 Now, it appears the latest thing is a “Memories” post where people are asked to write random memories about the poster. I filled one out, and let me say, the responses I received  made me smile.

So, here’s what I decided to do. I’m going to delve into my FACEBOOK friends list and write a memory about each person and post it right here on Big Daddy Gouda.

Technology is telling me that I currently have 144 friends (i know KC, point of the story), so I’m not going to do them all at once. Instead I’ll try to do 20 or so a week.

To make it easy, I’m thinking alphabetical order.

And here…we….go…

1. Sabrina “Howard” Allard –  We were partying at Jewett’s house. After a few cocktails you attempted to hop from the stone steps and into the house through the  open front door, and ….you fell on your face. While I should have made sure you were okay, my first instinct, unfortunately, was to laugh in your face. Sorry.

2. Melissa Amicone – Sitting with you at Panchos and gossiping about real estate.

3. Meagan Anderson -Playing charades at Keely and Chuck’s…and kicking your ass!

4. Carrie Anne (Copeland) – Probably our convos over Facebook.  Because of them I feel like I’ve known you forever.

5. Daniel Antonucci – Trying to tackle you during pick-up football games at Bantam Field. You were a fast little fucker.

6. Ethan Antonucci – You called me  on a Monday afternoon. I was depressed the 49ers had lost a football game the day earlier. You said you had a way to cheer me up and you brought me to my first ever UCONN basketball game.

7. Valentina Barbacci – Flirting with you at the Tavern.

8. Kimberly Beach – Sat next to you in study hall when I was a freshman in high school. Mrs Kiesel was the monitor and once told me I should behave because I wouldn’t want the “pretty girl” sitting next to me thinking I was a jerk.

9. Caitlin Benedict – When you were five I told you that if you really believed and got a running start, you could walk through walls. You tried once, fell on your face and your mom sent me home.

10. Corrie Benedict – You went to France one summer for three weeks and I basically moved into your bedroom.

11. Caitlin Bille (chops girlfriend) – You beat me a beerpong and I said something very rude. Before I could apologize you laughed and shot back a zinger that turned my face red.  It was in that moment that I accepted you as one of the group.

12. Andrea Boden – Sitting next to you on the hood of some car sharing a bottle on class night: About 15 hourse before we graduated high school.

11. Carrie “Amrich” Bowen  – Mr. Bucklin hung one of your quotes on the wall in 8th grade: “Everyone’s a little weird, it’s the normal people you have to watch out for.” I’ve always remembered that.

12. Kris Bramley – This one is real easy. Through out junior high, and I’m thinking high school too, you used to “gallop” around the soccer field during recess pretending you were a horse. Deny it, I dare you!

13. Christine Brasacchio – Driving with you 4 hours to NH to visit Meredith at Plymouth State.

14. Lesley “Murphy” Budney – Attending one hell of a rager at your house senior year of high school.

15. Sarah “Sweetman” Carr – See above but insert “Lake House” for house.

16. Dave “Chopper” Carroll – Watching you  go ape shit on Brad Carafino during  a party at Jewett’s for “slapping” you in the face instead of fighting you like a man. That and of course watching you paraded down Main Street in cuffs on Road Race Weekend. I still wish Hawk had provided running commentary for that.

17. Lisa Cash – Sitting on the top of Chickadee Bridge as you taught me the “One fat hen, A couple of duck, three brown bear…” drinking game.

18. Luke Chappius – Making fun of the way Harmony Lucas’s hair blew all over the place as he crashed his symbols together during band concerts.

19. Diana Chappius – Cramming into your living room and watching Delores Claiborne.

20. Katie “Gardner” Cissell – In seventh grade, in a time when girls and boys rarely gave each other unsolicited compliments, you told me  you liked my haircut and it made me look handsome.

That’s all for now…

Coming next time, Becca Clock, Jill Coffey, Laura “Margaitis” Comas, Lauren Cook, David Copperfield  and more!!!


3 Responses to “Scattered Pic-tures of the way we were…..”

  1. […] More Memories Last week I began alphabetically rifling through my Facebook friend list, and jotting down memories about them on this site. Remember? […]

  2. Carrie "Amrich" Bowen Says:

    I can’t believe you remember that quote…I didn’t remember it. You list of memories are really funny. You made me feel a little homesick.

  3. The memory you have about me is when I wasn’t there!? That’s freaking cheap. My fondest memory, when I was only in 2nd grade mom told me you were the devil (just like she had us convinced Deb was a witch because she had a pointy nose) I told your sister who then told you…and you would call me from across the bus, make evil faces and hold your fingers to your head like horns. Asshole.

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