I’m man enough to admit, when it was revealed at the end of last week’s show that Jin was still alive, I actually shouted, “YES!”

For some reason that quiet Asian with the broken english has always been one of my favorite characters.

And how cool was it that the one who found him was Rousseau, aka The French Woman. I’m delighted by this, espcially since her back story may end solving a lot of the LOST mystery. As in, how did her crew all die? Remember she said they mysteriously got sick. Sick like the time travelers or a different kind of sick? Hmm.

I hear rumors that someone will bite the bullet on tonight’s show. My money is on the Asian dude, and I can’t believe I forgot his name. Miles! Yeah, I’m thinking Miles may get it.

I’m cutting this one a bit short tonight. After a working a 10-hour day, four of which were spent at a Winsted Board of Ed meeting, I just don’t feel like writing.

btw, if at times you find yourself a bit…LOST (ahem), this new video from ABC may help. It’s called LOST Untangled.

However, I do not recommend watching it for the sake of trying to play catch up. That is a NO NO! Each episode must be enjoyed to its fullest. No cliff notes!


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