Yet more memories

This is the third round of memories I’m sharing, alphabetically using my FACEBOOK friend list as a guide.

GESETTE JEWETT:Mark, your future husband, sent me to your dorm room at UCONN to “see if you were interested” in him. Rather than do that, I spent the entire 15 minutes flirting with you. When I got back to Mark’s room he asked me what I thought. “I can’t quite tell yet,” I responded.

JOANNE DEAN JORAY: I couldn’t figure out who the heck you were, posting on my Web site when I did my LOST blogs. Finally your sister, Sherry, cleared up the mystery for me, and told me I was an idiot.

HEATHER NEAL (Kavinsky):In seventh grade Brian Shafer said he would agree to go on a date with you if you followed him into the boys bathroom to ask him, which you did. And I think the jerk said ‘No’, obviously not expecting you to take him up on his threat.

COURTNEY KENNY: After a night of partying at Tai’s house, I made a really rude comment to you the next day. Some people who remember that day are surprised you even talk to me. It was typical me, trying to gain a laugh at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

KARA KERR:For five dollars, Tai sucked on your bunion for 30 seconds.

PHILIP KERR:In what became a yearly ritual at the Litchfield Hills Road Race, after the cannon went off, signaling the start of the race, you would sprint down Main Street and be the first one to turn the corner on to Meadow Street. You would cross the finish line of the 7.1 mile race about an hour and 15 minutes later.

MISOOK KIM (McTighe): Where’s Landon?

CHRIS KOSTECKI: While partying on the streets of Boston in the middle of the afternoon I announced to all my friends, “Hey, that kid looks like Chris Kostecki,” as what appeared to be your exact double came walking down the street. “I am Chris Kostecki,” you responded, to our shock and amazement. Hey, how the hell was I supposed to know you lived in Boston.

CHRISTINA KRUPINSKI (Gandi):You were having a summer party in high school. While playing volleyball someone from inside your house yelled that I had a phone call. I ran across your yard, hopped on to your deck and preceded to run into your house through an open screen sliding door. Problem was, the door wasn’t open. It just appeared that way. I bounced off the screen like I had smashed into a trampoline and landed, back first, on your deck. As I embarrassingly shook the cobwebs outta my head I couldn’t help but notice the laughter that had erupted from all around me.

AJA LADUKE: I wish I had a specific memory but I don’t. I just remember you always being quite, polite, and friendly whenever we ran into each other.  I think, before I actually met you, I may have asked Amy if you talked.

That’s all for today. I gotta headache.


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