Say it ain’t so Freckles!

kateAccording to various published reports this week, original castaway, Kate Austen may not live to see LOST’s Finale Episode next year.

Rumors are swirling that Evangeline Lily, who plays purty Kate, has been spotted in Hollywood recently auditioning for new shows set to debut next fall. Further reports even suggest that her agent has let networks know that Freckles is indeed looking for work.

To me it’s pretty cut and dry: She’s gonna die!

I have faith in the writers of LOST. I know that if Kate is set to bite the bullet, her death, like Charlie Pace before her, will be meaningful and serve some greater purpose to the overall storyline. I mean come on! They are not  going to just kill of the third biggest charachter on the show (behind Jack and Locke) without it serving some ultimate greater purpose.

If Kate is indeed set to go, then it will be her death that will drive the series final 20 or so episodes.

Lost producers, as well as Evangeline’s people have denied the reports, going so far as to call them “absolutely false” but isint’ that what they said about Michelle Rodriguez leaving the show after her dwi. Then, about a month later Michael put two bullets in her chest.

I’m on the fence about this one. These rumors tend to start somewhere. I’m more apt to believe that, yes, she’s leaving the show and is free to seek other work, with the conditon that she return, possibly for handful of episodes next year as the series closes out it’s run in May 2010.

On another note, whispers have been heard that LOST will feature another one of those “game-changer” episodes in a few weeks.

The last episode revealed as a “game-changer” is when we found out that Kate and Jack were off  the island and had to go back. Remember that episode? The season 3 finale.

Apparently, this new “game-changer” will serve as a catalyst for the shows finale next year, which producers and writers have already described as “mind blowing”.

Speaking of that, showrunners Damon Lidelof and Carlton Cuse have said Matthew Fox, aka, Jack, is the only cast member who knows how the show will end. Rumor has it they offered him the choice between a 3percent salary raise or secrets of the finale, and he chose the latter.

Any predictions?

btw…I’m thinking if Kate’s gonna bite the big one she’s either gonna do it at season’s end…..or in about 2 weeks.


One Response to “Say it ain’t so Freckles!”

  1. I’m stunned! I hadn’t heard that rumor! Kate is one of my favorites.

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