Sec. 127. Row 10

bonoThanks to Jamie being on the ball this morning, I am one of the lucky 72,000 people who will be attending the U2 360 tour when it comes into Gillette Stadium on Sept 20.

According to Ticketmaster, the show sold out in hours and prompted a second show to be added the next night. So, while there will be more than 140,000 people seeing U2 over those two nights, (almost 5 times the population of Torrington) I still consider myself lucky to be in the mix.

The band’s stadium performances will be “in the round,” with a custom-made four-legged structure holding up the speakers, lighting and a large cylindrical screen, supposedly offering “an unobstructed view” to audiences.

There is a model of the setup HERE.

Y’all know U2 is my band and their concerts do not disappoint. Even non-diehards who have experienced the shows over the years (Ads, Jay, Keely, Jewett and even Cooter) have admitted they are a sight to behold.

The band always puts together a great setlist, sprinkling tunes from the new albums with classic hits and the occasional Beatles or Doors cover thrown in for good measure.

I’m super duper excited to hear songs from U2’s new album played out live. The album is the best thing the band’s put out since 1992’s Achtung Baby, and that certainly says a lot.

The show is still six months away, typing this now, that seems like an eternity to wait.  A whole other lifetime, perhaps. But that’s okay, anticipation is half the fun….actually, I take that back. Waiting sux. I want to go now!!

TOP FIVE SONGS I’ve seen U2 play in concert:

1. Sunday Bloody Sunday – Elevation Tour, Hartford Civic Center, June 2001.

2. Where The Streets Have No Name – Elevation Tour, Hartford Civic Center, June 2001.

3. ELEVATION-Vertigo Tour, Hartford Civic Center, Dec. 2005.

4. PRIDE – Popmart Tour, Foxboro Stadium, July 1997.

5. Staring at The Sun– Popmart Tour, Foxboro Stadium, July 1997.


One Response to “Sec. 127. Row 10”

  1. do you still have the autograph from Bono that I got you at that bar in Ireland?

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