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The Hammer

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Lost Turns 100!!!

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faradyTonight marks the 100th episode of LOST, the best show on TV.

For a TV show to hit its 100th episode is a crowning achievement; the gold standard in episodic television. It’s the equivalent to a movie making 100 million dollars at the box office or an album selling 1 million copies.

In the television world, when a show hits 100 episodes, it is officially deemed a success, and, more importantly as far as network execs are concerned, the show can then be neatly packaged and sold in to syndication, ala Seinfeld, The Simpson, The X-Files, etc. etc.

But who cares about all that. I’m most excited about the 100th episode, titled The Variable, because supposedly it’s filled with revelations and will serve as the launching pad to the season’s finale episodes all leading up the the 5th season finale “Game Changer”, which will finally explain “The Incident.”

I’m also excited because tonight’s show centers around Daniel Faraday. Remember him? He finally made it back to the island last week. Where’s he been? What’s he been doing?

It appears this episode will loop around the Season 5 premiere from January where Faraday was shown in Dharma gear,  underground near the site that I believe will someday be the Frozen Donkey Wheel that controls time travel.

In a clip I saw, and stop reading if you don’t want to know, but Farady finally says to Dr. Chang what I’ve been waiting for someone to say to the Dharma crew for eight weeks now:

“I’m from the future.”

Here’s to hoping his next sentence is, “I came here in a time machine that you invented.”

If that quote makes no sense to you, I suggest you Google it….stupid.

“a pal and a confidant.”

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bea1Bea Arthur passed away over the weekend. My generation knows her better as Dorothy Sbornak, daughter of Sophia Patrillo, one of the four Golden Girls.

Condolences have popped up all over the Internet, especially Facebook and Youtube.

When I was young, I used to watch the Golden Girls on Saturday nights with my grandparents. I didn’t have a choice. They loved it, and they were in charge. Typing this I recall my Grandfather’s bellowing laughter every time Sophia hit Dorothy with a zinger.

Though I didn’t get all the jokes, I still found the show kind of interesting, and, I dug the opening theme song. (though I always mis-heard the line “and the card attatched would say”, instead thinking it to be, “and the heart attacks would say.”)

It wasn’t until college that I truly began to appreciate the four old ladies and that show.

Lifetime television had the rights to the reruns and played episodes of The Golden Girls at least six times a day. A whole generation of college students rediscovered Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia.

Being a young adult, it was so easy to appreciate the wicked sense of humor those four ladies had. The jokes that I didn’t get as a child, were now absolutely hilarious.

The show was truly ahead of it’s time, dealing with issues like Alzheimer’s disease, sexuality, racism and death. ( we all remember the episode where Rose had a heart attack right?)

There was something comforting about The Golden Girls. They reminded us of our grandparents or our aunts, or our crazy neighbors. They weren’t just TV characters, we felt like we knew ’em.

I mean, come on, how often did you girls compare yourself to the old ladies and decide which you were most like.

So, while it’s not tragic when these ladies pass away, it’s still sad. Kind of like you’re losing a neighbor or that aunt who you never see anymore, but seemed kind of cool when you were a kid.

As I said on Facebook earlier today: There are just two Golden Girls left, Rose and Blanche. And, only two Beatles left, Paul and Ringo. I think they should team up, put their musical and comedic talents together and do something special.

Yep, I just compared The Golden Girls to The Beatles.

“Nothing shows a man’s character more than what he laughs at”

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aidan1Aidan was waiting for me in the driveway as I arrived at his house Sunday night for hot dogs on the grill.

As I stepped out of my jeep, I glanced into the yard and noticed Charlie pushing a wheelbarrow and Keely walking across the yard with a shovel, as baby Grayson played with a garden hose. Spring planting I’d assumed.

“What’s everybody doing here,” I asked, as Aidan gave me a hug.

“Eh, we’re cleaning up after The Challenger disaster,” Aidan said casually. “It exploded you know.”

An uncontrollable burst of laughter shot out of me. I glanced into the yard again and saw Charlie throw a pile of dirt and sticks into the woods. I laughed again.

“Aidan,” I said, attempting to sound stern. “How do you know about The Challenger?”

“I just read about,” he said, simply. “It’s in my book.”

He then went on to describe, as only a 7-year-old can, about the space shuttle Columbia disaster, the sinking of The Titanic, and The Great Chicago Fire.

It was only later that I found out Aidan had recently obtained the 2006 World Almanac, and had just that morning read a chapter on Disasters.

I remember watching the Challenger explode live on TV, when I was in third grade, where we gathered as a class to watch the launch. I also remember a few days later all the Challenger jokes started popping up.

“What does this button do?”

But, as tragic and surreal as watching a space shuttle explode was, and as tasteless as the jokes were that followed, whenever someone brings up the Challenger, I’m still brought back to my first day as a fourth grader at Litchfield Center School. I was the new kid and some raggy looking kid named Jermiah Manning asked me if I wanted to know a secret.

“My father died in the Challenger last year,” he said.

And, like I did today with Aidan, I laughed in his face.

Easter Jam

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HE DID IT! Officials uphold “average joe’s” surprise win.

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maroon1BOSTON (Associated Press) – A day after studying tape from city traffic cameras and footage obtained from local news agencies, race officials have determined that a 32 -year-old computer worker from Boston did not cheat in any way, and did in fact win Monday’s Boston Marathon, finishing the 26.2 mile course in just over two hours.

Race officials were skeptical after Connecticut native Jason Maroon, a  bald, stocky, flat-footed city man, won the historic race by out sprinting world class Ethiopian distance runner Deriba Merga.

Race director Edmund Suluski said footage clearly shows Maroon take off at the starting line, weave in and out of city streets, stopping only once to sip water, before finally finishing the race in a near record time of  2 hours, 6 minutes – almost two minutes faster than Merga.

“We poured over hours and hours of footage,” Suluski said. “Not once did he stray from the course.”

Suluski said, as far as the race committee is concerned the case is closed.

“Our job is to uphold the integrity of the Boston Marathon,” he said. “We feel we’ve done that. As far as we’re concerned this Maroon guy is the winner. I don’t know how the hell he did it but a win’s a win.”

Maroon, who decided to run the race early Monday morning, attributes his shocking victory to a long dormant passion for winning, coupled with the need to release tension from everyday life.

“My plan was to start off by jogging and then maybe walk a bit here and there,” Maroon said, Tuesday. “But once I got going that runner’s high kicked in and the rest is history.”

Maroon, who is expecting a baby soon along with his wife Tina, said the stresses associated with family life combined with a poor showing in his Fantasy Baseball League, convinced him to run the marathon.

“I needed a way to clear out my head,” he said. “I figured running a marathon would do the trick.”

Merga, 28, who kept up with Maroon before losing steam on the 25th mile, said his loss to the amateur is the most shocking thing he’s ever had to endure in his 15 year racing career.

“I train for this all year,” Merga said, through an interpreter, “and then I lose to this video game playing computer nerd. I’m sick. Sick, sick, sick.”

Maroon has thus far declined interview requests as well as invitations to appear on the Today Show and Late Night With Dave Letterman, and said he will instead focus on his job and prepare for the birth of his first child.

He also sent his race winnings to family living in the country of Lebanon, where it was revealed Maroon has distant relatives there, possibly living in squalor.

“The race was fun but people are making too big a deal out of it,” he said. “Did I make history, Yes. Did I shock the world, Maybe. But at the end of the day I’m still just Jason.”

You Know What They Say About Looks and Deception

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Today in USA Today I read about a 47 year old unemployed Scotish woman with dreams of making it big as a singer.

She got her big break on Britain’s Got Talent, where American Idol’s Simon Cowell serves as one of the judges.

As this homely woman took the stage the judges and audience members rolled their eyes and basically laughed to themselves as this frumpy dame stood on the stage blabbing about her dreams.

Lets just say the looks on the judges faces as she begins her tune speak louder than words ever could.

Unfortunately YOUTUBE is not letting viewers post the vid on the Web but I strongly encourage you to click the link and watch. It’ll make yer day.