Ben Aint Dead!!

I’m quite certain, because I’ve seen previews that show otherwise, that Ben Linus is NOT dead, even though Sayid put a bullet in his chest.

I’m no expert in time travel but I would think that the moment young Ben was shot and killed, adult Ben from  2007 would simply disappear. Having not seen that with my own eyes, and having seen clips of young Ben in a hospital bed, I’m fairly certain that Sayid missed the heart, which is understandable considering the day he had up to that point.

I’m more apt to believe that Jin will bring a wounded Ben back to Dharma camp and Jack, with the assistance of Kate, will perform miracle surgery (again) on Ben, thus earning Dharma’s trust and finally acclimating them to the group….or something else might happen.

It is also my theory that Ben spent three years molding Sayid into a killing machine and tormenting him because he WANTED Sayid to go back to the island and kill his younger self. Ben knew that Sayid, with his military background and weak mental state after his wife’s murder, would be the only castaway capable of shooting a 12 year old boy.

The question is Why? Why would Ben want Sayid to shoot him. He obviously knew that The Island wouldn’t let him die, but what ultimate purpose will the shooting serve? How will it tip the scales in Ben’s favor?

And more importantly, Where the FUCK IS DESMOND!?!!?


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