CHOP Liver

chop1DAVE CARROLL  has the bestest friends/sisters/girlfriend a guy could ask for. I still can’t believe you bastards got me….and got me good.

Chops FACEBOOK status update following his party.


Without Jamie in charge of every aspect of the planning, I was unsure if Chop’s Surprise 30th Birthday Party would be a success, with the party planning duties falling upon Chop’s girlfriend Caty and sister Jill.

Let’s end the suspense: Caty and Jill knocked it out of the park, throwing one hell of a bash…actually the most fun I’ve had at a birthday party since I turned 30 two summers ago.

Any doubts I had that Chop (being too smart for his own good) had an idea that the party was taking place were immediately put to rest the second he walked into the private room on the second floor of The Bell in Hand Bar in downtown Boston.

Chop turned the corner and saw about 60 people screaming “Surprise!” He froze, his faced turned red, he immediately turned to his girlfriend and flipped her the bird, then did the same to his sister, and then flipped off the crowd, obviously overwhelmed, combating the shock with uncontrollable hostility.

So yes, in the grand tradition of surprise 30th birthday parties, started with Cooter, continued with me, and most recently with Chopper, I can confidentally say, “We Got Him!”

I spent many many weekend partying in beantown during my late teens and early 20s, but haven’t been there since New Years Eve 2004.

Let me say, I’ve never partied harder in my life, or had as much fun, than the times we’d all go up to Boston.

Saturday night started with 20oz beers, progressed to mix drinks and shots and ended with bottled beer. The bar tab for just Me, Jamie, Jay, Joot and Tie was comparable to federal “bail-out” money.

Let’s just say, I needed two naps, two ibuprofen, two showers, and a Italian Combo grinder before I finally felt normal late Sunday night.

While booze if fun, the highlight of my night, besides Chop’s stunning entrance, was seeing a lot of old faces.

While car troubles kept Becca Clock away, everyone else I had hoped to see from The Boston area showed up:  Sarah, Christine, Jay and Tina, Jill Coffy, and even a super blast from the past Marc Moura.

Not even the Huskies losing could damper my night…though Jewett had to be talked down from the ledge of the bar.

You know you’re having a good time when you get kicked out of two out of the three bars you attend and could honestly care less. I’m still laughing today thinking about Chop calling a fifty year old bitch bar natzi “The Crypt Keeper”, right to her face. As expected, she had no comeback and even the bouncer in her dumpy establishment was laughing at the comment.

So, as I said to Chop as we were saying our goodbye’s last night, “See you up here again at your 4oth”, because, I honestly don’t know when I’ll make it back to Boston again.

I was contemplating doing a post about my 10 favorite moments spent in Boston but 90 percent of them are inappropriete and would just end up causing trouble between married couples…..but….I may do it anyway.

Btw, cameras were flashing all night, however no not too many photos have come across my desk yet. I’m sure they will pop up all over FACEBOOK over the next few days, and if I get some, I’ll definetly put ’em up.

Except of course for the one of Tai when he……..






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