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I think I have writers block…..I’m going to try to fix it………..

Writers block is something I probably didn’t understand or didn’t care to understand when I was younger. How could anyone not be able to think of something to write about. Well, trust me, it happens. Before I started writing this I starred at the computer screen for 10 minutes, occasionally looking at the TV. Basketball is on. Lebron James is on. I get about as annoyed as a person can get over something so silly and out of my control as to when people compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan. Come on! We have yet to see a professional athlete as good and as captivating as MJ. Will we again in our lifetime? Of course. But I don’t think it’s Lebron James. When a professional athlete gets their bi-weekly paycheck do they ever get used to that big number? AROD makes $25 million a year. In MLB I believe they get paid every two weeks. Estimating taxes and fees for agents and managers lets say every two weeks Rodriguez gets a check for about $574,000. I don’t think I could ever get used to it. Instead of splurging on, say, a blu ray player, I would splurge on a house on Bantam Lake, just for a weekend party. I really don’t think I could ever get used to that line of thinking. Being able to have anything in the world I wanted, whenever I wanted. As Homer Simpson once said about millionaires, “Well…there’s one thing his money can’t buy…..a dinosaur.” I wonder, if parents have a “not cute” baby do they know it’s not cute? Or, do parents only see beauty when they look at their kids. I feel awful for saying it but come one, some babies just aren’t cute. Most are…but some aren’t. Just writing that, I know I’m either going to have an ugly child or, I’m going to have a really beautiful child, but then on his fifth birthday my wife will tell me the kid is not my son. Karma.  Speaking of babies, I went to a party at the Jewetts over the weekend and, as is customary at parties these days, there were kiddos everywhere. But no fear, they were all cuties. The party was fun. The food was great and the coke was pure. As always, it was good to see everyone. Though some people couldn’t show up due to work, tag sales and being too tired from hanging out with ex-girlfri…I mean, homework. I always give special props to Chop who has a near perfect attendance at picnics and parties. That says alot for someone who lives two and a half hours away. Bonedigger Bonedigger, dogs in the moonlight, far away my well lit door.


June 5: Can’t Effing Wait!!

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To Alcohol! The cause of (and solution to) all of life’s problems

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homerWhile drinking we’ve all done some pretty stupid things. Below I’ve made a list of 10 things I (may) have done while drinking that are a bit embarrassing and stupid.

I will admit to at least 7 of the below listed activities, maybe more, but def not less.  What have I actually done? What am I just making up? You decide. Mwuahahaha….

1. I jumped off chikadee bridge naked.

2. Realizing I was too drunk to be driving while cruising down I-84 in the middle of the night I decided to pull over…in the breakdown lane.

3. After a party I went to Twin Colony for a late night meal…and threw up all over their bathroom floor.

4. I mistook Grustas for Christine and fucked him.

5. I thought it would be a good idea to attempt a summer sault over Cooter’s railing to see if I could land on my feet. I didn’t.

6. While leaving The Brickyard in Hartford I walked up to the first hot girl I saw and said, “Mam, I’m gunna cum.”

7. Instead of walking down the hall to the bathroom I peed on the floor of my dorm room at Keene State College.

8. I took a nail, boiled it in hot water, froze my tongue with an ice cube, and attempted to pierce my tongue.

9. Threw up in Cooter’s sink full of dishes after drinking a bottle of Rum.

10. Sung a Kereyoke version of Living on a Prayer at a local bar, inserting the F-Bomb whenever I could.

“She said we gotta FUCKING hold on to what we got. It doesn’t make a FUCKING difference if we make it or not. We got each other and that’s a lot for love. We’ll FUCKING give it a shot.”


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This pretty much sums up my life:

And I suppose this pretty much sums up my peeps:

Ok, this is REAAALY the LAST LOST post ’till Jan 2010

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A lot of people I talked to today loved the finale but are a bit confused. Lots of info for two hours. Below I’ve cut and pasted a recap from a LOST blogger in cyberspace who is typically right on the money. This painted the clearest picture yet for me.


Mid-1800’s: A man in white creates thread on a spinning wheel, then tends to it on a loom. He’s in a dark, ancient room, light by flames and marked with Egyptian symbols. He goes to the shore, catches a fish, and cooks it upon a stone. As he eats the fish, a man in black comes from behind. They both gaze at the Black Rock, a few miles off shore.

The man in black accuses the other of bringing them to the Island, saying the man in white is trying to prove him wrong. “You ARE wrong,” says the man in white. The man in black notes that the cycle is always the same: they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. The man in white notes that anything up until his ideal outcome is merely “progress.” After a pause, the man in black says, “Have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?” He speaks of trying to find a loophole to accomplish his goal, and leaves by speaking the man in white’s name: Jacob. We never learn the man in black’s name. Instead, we see the camera rise up on a full intact statue, standing right behind them both.

We finally met the puppet masters! Remember in “The Shape of Things to Come,” there were those few shots of Ben in the desert as the camera started close, then jump cut a few times ever futher back, revealing a bigger picture? Tonight’s episode was the narrative version of the last shot in this sequence, where at last, on a quiet beach in the 19th century, we met the two players responsible for the forces of light and dark on the Island.

Many might be tempted to assign the Man in Black’s name as Esau, given the Biblical references rife with the name Jacob itself. But me? I like “Man in Black,” as it harkens to a work that I think runs rampant throughout the show: Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower.” In that 7-volume series, “The Man in Black” goes by many names across variety planes of reality, but always serves the side of evil. So it’s only fitting to me that we take Jacob’s adversary as a nameless entity for now. In any case, the backgammon game between Locke and Walt came full circle tonight, with the sides fully set and the true leader of each side revealed.

Free will matters in the “Lost” universe! This to me was the most important takeaway of Jacob’s visits to various people currently on the Island. He didn’t give them explicit instructions, he gave them OPTIONS. He gave them CHOICE. And by doing so, he gave them the capacity to both do good and evil. All this gets back to what I’ve long thought was the most important exchange in “Lost” history, from the early part of Season 3. In the Hydra Station, Ben and Jack discuss Ben’s impending surgery:

JACK: All of this… you brought me here to operate on you. You… you want me to save your life?
BEN: No, I want you to WANT to save my life.

“Lost” inhabits a universe in which choice matters, in which free will matters, in which there are seemingly omnipotent beings who still need us to do us to things for them. The Man in Black cannot kill Jacob. But he can set things in motion that pray upon the frailty of man: their pettiness, greed, violence, insecurity, in order to position people where he wants them. But he can only lead them to a certain point. At that point, individual will still takes over.

This, to me, does not negate “whatever happened, happened.” The people in 1977 were not acting out some passion play for the gods in an endless loop. As frustrating as I found the seemingly incoherent actions of the characters (who made choices based on dramatic need versus consistent reasoning), they at least all eventually chose in some capacity to end up at the Swan at the time of the Incident. (I’d love to know how Richard claims he “saw” them all die there, but hey, that’s another tale altogether.)

The most powerful force in “Lost” is not electromagnetism, but Austenism! Seriously, when the show explains every major character decision in 1977 around Freckles, I have to make a crack about this. I kept waiting for Radzinsky to say he named the Swan after Kate’s beauty after a while. I don’t even blame Kate for this; I blame the writers who are clearly in love with the character more than they should be at this point.

Ilana and Company are Others! Or, sons/daughters of Others, as several of you theorized. Nice call, there. The fact that Richard knew the answer to the riddle indicates a connection to me that aligns the two forces together. And it looks like Jacob put them all on Ajira 316 to help him along.

My “Cabin Christian” theory is looking stronger than ever! I have stated in the past that “Cabin Fever” started a long con by which the artist we know now as The Man in Black” sought to take over the Island. Rewatch everything from Season 4 and 5 and I think you see that’s pretty darn accurate. It’s a ridonkulously overelaborate plan, but that’s what happens when you’ve got ageless creatures that might be human, might be gods, might be good/evil themselves forever measuring the worth of man using the Island as a testing ground in the name of “progress” towards some evolutionary end Jacob foresees and the Man in Black abhors. But rewatch the Christian Shephard in the brown shirt very, very closely your second time around. His interest in John Locke is purely to get the Man in Black on the Island. That’s his mission. And he succeeded quite brilliantly

Locke In A Box

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lockeWell, rather that wait till next year, let’s try and sort through some things while they are fresh in our minds.


– I’m thinking the guy at the beginning of the show who was talking to Jacob is evil. As in ULTIMATE evil.  He was dressed in Black. And Jacob, dressed in white, is Good.

– While the bad guy spent his entire existence looking for the “loophole”, Jacob spent his life making sure that the castaways did exactly what they were supposed to, to make it to the island. Jacob was acting as an insurance policy to make sure “Whatever happened-happened”.

-Or….What if what we saw when Jacob visited the Losties at key points in their life was actually a bizarro flash forward and Jacob was visiting them in the alternate timeline created after Ben stabbed him and the bomb went off. Hmm.

-If you translate Alpert’s Spanish, “He who will save us all” lies within the shadow of the statue.

-I’m thinking dead Locke in the Box, laying dead within the shadow of the statue is what Richard meant. Locke’s body was brought there by his faithful servant Elana. Remember, Jacob asked her for help.  So now that Jacob is dead, does that mean he can inhabit a body like his evil counterpart? Will dead Jacob now be reborn inside a dead Locke. Hmm.

-Speaking of Richard, or Ricardo as Elana called him, I believe he arrived on that ship at the beginning of the show. After all, he doesn’t age right? (a gift from Jacob? Eternal Youth?)

– The other LOCKE has to be the guy from the beginning, taking a human form, as we’ve seen him do many time over the years. As Ecko’s brother, Jack’s dad too maybe.

-I also think the evil guy’s true form is that of the smoke monster. Remember the painting on the wall, the one of the Statue (representing Jacob) battling with the smoke monster (representing the evil man).

-Whoever this evil guy is, it appears he used Locke to get what he wants, manipulate people, especially Ben, into killing Jacob. Is that how he found the Loophole?

-It appears Richard and Elana are truly “The Good Guys”, battling with Jacob against this man. It also appears the castaways, and even Ben Linus , got stuck in the middle.

-There will probably be a ton of Jacob flashbacks next year. How long has he been on the island? Why is he fighting this evil man?

-In closing, I don’t think Jack’s bomb prevented a thing. I think it actually caused all the events to happen.

– Next season will most likely begin right where it all began, with the plane crashing on that island, only instead of waiting six seasons for answers, we’ll only have to wait for one season.  Afterall didn’t Jacob tell Ben, in his dying breath, “They are coming.” Oceanic Flight 815, due to crashland on the island at any moment.

As I said yesterday, see you in January.

LOST Season 5 Finale!!

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jackIs it just me or did Season 5 flyyyyy by?

Tonight’s two hour finale promises two things: A MAJOR death and, as is customary, a shocking ending that will once again leave Losties scratching their heads until Season 6 (the final season), starts up again in January.

As I’ve done every year, I will simply defer to the finale and stop speculating.  The time for talk is over. It’s time to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

I’m not making any predictions as to who’s gonna bite the dust or what the shocker may be, though I do think the death will be a female and the shocker will have something to do with the temple.

We’ve got a ton of answers this season, more so than ever before. Below I’ve listed some of the major mysteries that still need to be tied up:

Who is Jacob and what is his purpose?

– What is The Smoke Monster?

– What lies within the shadow of the statue?

– How and Why did the statue get destroyed?

– What happened to Claire?

– What happened during “The Incident”.

– Is Jack Shepperd from Lost a long LOST brother of Derek Shepperd from Greys Anatomy? Both Doctors, Same Last name. Hmm?

Here’s to hoping at least one of these mysteries is solved tonight.

I encourage all LOSTIES to avoid spoilers out there at all costs. Believe me, they are out there! Please, Don’t make me smack you!

Ashlie, KC, I’m looking yer way.

See you back on the island in January 2010!!

btw, at 8pm is a one hour season 5 clip show. The real deal starts at 9pm and goes till 11!