Live Long and Prosper

TrekWhen I first saw teasers  for J. J. Abrams vision of Star Trek, shown last summer, my initial reaction was, “meh”.

When I saw the full fledged trailers shown relentlessly over the past few months my opinion hadn’t changed much. Meh.

Then the reviews started pouring in. The film began receiving universal praise from all that had seen it. JJ Abrams’ (yes, he created LOST) vision of Star Trek currently holds a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a phenomenal number, unheard of for a sci-fi film.

I’ve seen almost all of the Star Trek films in my lifetime but have only seen two at the movies.

But, because J.J Abrams created Lost, my favorite show, and based on overwhelming praise, I decided to see Star Trek at a special screening Thursday night, as opposed to waiting for the matinee over the weekend.

Unlike previous incarnations, there are no weighty scenarios or moral quandaries in this refashioning of Star Trek. It’s an energetic sci-fi extravaganza, with spectacular action sequences and way-cool visuals.

This film is clearly aimed at a broader audience than just die-hard Trekkies, though there is plenty of nods toward Trek history, some of which I didn’t get but seemed to really excite some fifty year old men in the crowd.

The film is really about Captain Kirk and Mr Spock, played superbly by Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, aka, Sylar from Heroes. We get the back story on the two leads which really is a lot of fun. We also see how the original Star Trek crew, Bones, Scotty, Sulu, and Checkov come together.

In my opinion Star Trek is everything a summer movie should be. It’s action packed, funny with great characters that tell a great story, and, at just over two hours, it’s the perfect length.

Granted, given the volume of Trek lore, aficionados may find plenty to take apart. But non-Trekkers are likely to be transported by this latest voyage on the mother ship of sci-fi sagas.

And, keep your eyes peeled for another J.J. Abrams creation, a special appearance by The Cloverfield Monster.

No really, he’s in there.


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