What I Love….

I love Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Roma.

I love movies. I love the dark theater, the big screen, the surround sound. I love how for a few hours each weekend I can escape and hide from the world inside the theater. I especially love a great movie:  A film you can connect to, recommend to your friends, knowing it will have the same effect on them.

I love this blog.  I’ve been cursed with the need to speak my mind and share my life at all times. This blog serves that purpose for me.

I love watching Keely’s boys play: Smiling, laughing, chasing each other through the house while the dog nips at their feet. So happy. Not a care in the world. Unaware that there is anything wrong with the world. To them there is only joy.

I love sitting in my favorite chair listening to my ipod. It’s the only time I can truly organize my thoughts and feelings and think clearly.

I love LOST. It’s more than a TV show to me. It’s a perfect, brilliant story with characters who feel like my friends. Every week for just 42 minutes ( i fast forward commercials) I’m on that island and fully engaged in their lives.

I love my friends. It seems to them I can do no wrong. I don’t always answer the phone when they call or spend as much time with them as I would like but when we do all get together it’s as if no time has passed. No matter what I do they are always there for me and not a second of any day goes by that I don’t realize it.

I love ice coffee. During the summer it’s just as much a part of my day as breathing.

I love that baseball games are played almost every day in the summer. I love the Yankees. Even when they lose and I tell myself I’m never watching another game again, there I am the next night. Every night can be a new beginning when you play 162 games a year.

I love to play cards. I can wake up in the morning. Sit down at the card table with my setback buddies and play ALL day. One Sunday a few years back, Myself, Tai, Erin and Gruzzy played 9/5 for 10 hours straight. Stopping only once to eat dinner.

I love picnics at Jamie’s. The turnouts are always great. The day is spent eating bbq and playing whiffle ball while the evening is spent playing beer pong. Laughter and an occasional card game thrown in make them my favorite part of each summer.

I love the Internet. I love being connected to the world. The news, the gossip, funny videos, friends and family are just a mouseclick away. How convienient.

I love Winnie Cooper.


One Response to “What I Love….”

  1. Ericka Says:

    A little sappy, no? What has you feeling so sentimental, Walt? It isn’t even your birthday! I love watching Aidan and Grayson play too…that is my fav!

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