Locke In A Box

lockeWell, rather that wait till next year, let’s try and sort through some things while they are fresh in our minds.


– I’m thinking the guy at the beginning of the show who was talking to Jacob is evil. As in ULTIMATE evil.  He was dressed in Black. And Jacob, dressed in white, is Good.

– While the bad guy spent his entire existence looking for the “loophole”, Jacob spent his life making sure that the castaways did exactly what they were supposed to, to make it to the island. Jacob was acting as an insurance policy to make sure “Whatever happened-happened”.

-Or….What if what we saw when Jacob visited the Losties at key points in their life was actually a bizarro flash forward and Jacob was visiting them in the alternate timeline created after Ben stabbed him and the bomb went off. Hmm.

-If you translate Alpert’s Spanish, “He who will save us all” lies within the shadow of the statue.

-I’m thinking dead Locke in the Box, laying dead within the shadow of the statue is what Richard meant. Locke’s body was brought there by his faithful servant Elana. Remember, Jacob asked her for help.  So now that Jacob is dead, does that mean he can inhabit a body like his evil counterpart? Will dead Jacob now be reborn inside a dead Locke. Hmm.

-Speaking of Richard, or Ricardo as Elana called him, I believe he arrived on that ship at the beginning of the show. After all, he doesn’t age right? (a gift from Jacob? Eternal Youth?)

– The other LOCKE has to be the guy from the beginning, taking a human form, as we’ve seen him do many time over the years. As Ecko’s brother, Jack’s dad too maybe.

-I also think the evil guy’s true form is that of the smoke monster. Remember the painting on the wall, the one of the Statue (representing Jacob) battling with the smoke monster (representing the evil man).

-Whoever this evil guy is, it appears he used Locke to get what he wants, manipulate people, especially Ben, into killing Jacob. Is that how he found the Loophole?

-It appears Richard and Elana are truly “The Good Guys”, battling with Jacob against this man. It also appears the castaways, and even Ben Linus , got stuck in the middle.

-There will probably be a ton of Jacob flashbacks next year. How long has he been on the island? Why is he fighting this evil man?

-In closing, I don’t think Jack’s bomb prevented a thing. I think it actually caused all the events to happen.

– Next season will most likely begin right where it all began, with the plane crashing on that island, only instead of waiting six seasons for answers, we’ll only have to wait for one season.  Afterall didn’t Jacob tell Ben, in his dying breath, “They are coming.” Oceanic Flight 815, due to crashland on the island at any moment.

As I said yesterday, see you in January.


One Response to “Locke In A Box”

  1. With your last bullet point. 815 already crashed. They visited their old camp on the beach before going to the statue (what’s left of it anyway).

    Maybe after the bomb went off or whatever the hell happened, Jack & Co. are brought back to fakeLocke/Sun timeline, 2007 I believe.

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