I think I have writers block…..I’m going to try to fix it………..

Writers block is something I probably didn’t understand or didn’t care to understand when I was younger. How could anyone not be able to think of something to write about. Well, trust me, it happens. Before I started writing this I starred at the computer screen for 10 minutes, occasionally looking at the TV. Basketball is on. Lebron James is on. I get about as annoyed as a person can get over something so silly and out of my control as to when people compare Lebron James to Michael Jordan. Come on! We have yet to see a professional athlete as good and as captivating as MJ. Will we again in our lifetime? Of course. But I don’t think it’s Lebron James. When a professional athlete gets their bi-weekly paycheck do they ever get used to that big number? AROD makes $25 million a year. In MLB I believe they get paid every two weeks. Estimating taxes and fees for agents and managers lets say every two weeks Rodriguez gets a check for about $574,000. I don’t think I could ever get used to it. Instead of splurging on, say, a blu ray player, I would splurge on a house on Bantam Lake, just for a weekend party. I really don’t think I could ever get used to that line of thinking. Being able to have anything in the world I wanted, whenever I wanted. As Homer Simpson once said about millionaires, “Well…there’s one thing his money can’t buy…..a dinosaur.” I wonder, if parents have a “not cute” baby do they know it’s not cute? Or, do parents only see beauty when they look at their kids. I feel awful for saying it but come one, some babies just aren’t cute. Most are…but some aren’t. Just writing that, I know I’m either going to have an ugly child or, I’m going to have a really beautiful child, but then on his fifth birthday my wife will tell me the kid is not my son. Karma.  Speaking of babies, I went to a party at the Jewetts over the weekend and, as is customary at parties these days, there were kiddos everywhere. But no fear, they were all cuties. The party was fun. The food was great and the coke was pure. As always, it was good to see everyone. Though some people couldn’t show up due to work, tag sales and being too tired from hanging out with ex-girlfri…I mean, homework. I always give special props to Chop who has a near perfect attendance at picnics and parties. That says alot for someone who lives two and a half hours away. Bonedigger Bonedigger, dogs in the moonlight, far away my well lit door.


2 Responses to “STUCK”

  1. I’m sure you’ve seen this…but if not, it will give you something to write about.

  2. Chopper Says:

    Lebron is a crybaby, Jordan was the man, Arod still kinda sucks, I want a dinosaur…AND a monkey butler, people have some ugly babies, EVERYONE is having babies, Homework is a BS excuse, and that Chop guy is the cats ass.

    Dude, I’ve been there. Just push through it. It will come eventually.

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