ANDY (revised)

UPDATE: Andy recieved a last minute PARDON from the Governor and will be remaining with the Anderson family as their pet.

As I’d expected he didn’t quite take to his new home as his new doggie roommate didn’t quite take to him. Oil and Water I suppose.

Andy returned to his rightful owners this afternoon and was there at 3:55 to greet a shocked  Aidan, his best friend, as he got off the bus.



AndyI said goodbye to a dear friend today.

Andy the puggle, who I have known and seen at least once a week since he first moved in with the Anderson’s three years ago, has moved on to greener pastures.

No, he has not crossed over. He has gone to live with a new family better suited to deal with this special dog.

As far as I’m concerned Andy is perfect. He’s loyal, he loves unconditionally and, for the most part, he’s smart.

Unfortunately, Keely and Charlie came to a realization that the dog requires more love and attention than they are able to give while raising an 8 year old, a two year old, and working.

They went back and forth about whether or not to give him up, until an offer came that they couldn’t refuse.

Andy will be moving in with a loving couple. Dog lovers in every sense of the word. He will have plenty of room to run around and even have another doggie friend to play with. The couple fell in love with Andy the first time they met him and I’m sure, as I’ve seen many many times, Andy will grow to love them after a few doggie treats.

The first time I ever saw Andy he was no bigger than the smallest kitten. After playing with him for a few minutes he fell asleep in my lap.

As he grew up I spent a lot of time with him. Occasionally I would stop by the house while Keely and Charlie were working and I’d take him for a walk. When the Anderson’s went on vacation last November I moved in with Andy and watched him for a week. I spoiled him rotten with extra treats and three walks a day and had a great time.

I know he’s just a dog but Andy made me feel important whenever I’d go to his home to visit with Keely and Aidan. He would bark and whimper and wag his tail until I agreed to pet him for at least two minutes. As far as Andy was concerned I was family, I just didn’t live in the same house.

So today, as I was driving home from work I called Keely and asked if I could stop by. I knew Andy would be traveling to his new home later in the day, and I also knew I would never forgive myself if I didn’t say goodbye.

As I had done all his life I gave him doggie treats when Keely wasn’t looking and I took him for a walk. We also went for a ride and I never saw the puggle so happy as to when he stuck his little head out the window taking in the air as we were driving.

My visit ended with a three way game of fetch between Myself, Aidan and Andy.

I looked at my watch and knew his new owners would be arriving soon.

“Uncle Walt’s gotta get going,” I announced.

I was being selfish. Keely had been a wreck all day with the thought of having to give up her dog. Aidan hadn’t stopped petting him since he came home from school. I couldn’t be there for the official goodbye.

I rubbed Andy’s head. My eyes welled up with tears and I bolted to my jeep. I didn’t want to lose it…not in front of the kids….not over a dog.




3 Responses to “ANDY (revised)”

  1. Awww….you made me cry! I’m sure Andy will be very happy.

  2. So sad – I am crying. I don’t know what I would do.

  3. Yay!!!

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