If Michael Jackson hadn’t died I would have made every effort to see him if he toured the states during his comeback.

If I owned my own house I would have Andy the Puggle come live with me.

If I won the lotto, after taking care of my family, I would throw a party that would someday be described as “Legendary”, and I would basically invite every friend I’d ever know. Except of course for Ashlie who is currently on “party probation” for missing Chop’s 30th, Bub’s Road Race Bash and My 32nd to instead catch some rays in Rhode Island.

If the Yankees keep playing the way they have been, basically living up to their potential, they will win The World Series this year.

If I could pick the Yankees opponent in the World Series it would, hands down, be the La Dodgers which would bring legendary Yankee Manager Uncle Joe Torre back to The Stadium for the fall classic.

If I could have said one more thing to my grandparents before they died I would have apologized to Grampy for punching him in the balls when I was five and I would have told my Grandmother she was the best cook in the history of the world.

If I could write just one more story for The Register Citizen I would write about Erin’s brand new chiropractic business on Meadow Street in Litchfield.

If U2 allowed me to pick a song that they are guranteed to play when I see them in September I would choose Elevation, the version from the Vertigo Tour.

If but one dead character from LOST could be brought back to life for the final season I would choose Mr Ecko.

If The 2009 Academy Awards were held tonight I would cast my vote for The Hangover as Best Film.

If I could mirror the success of a writer it would be JK Rowling. An actor, Tom Hanks. A director, Steven Spielberg. A comedian, Jerry Seinfeld.

If I were richer, thinner and braver I would ask Meg-Meg out on a date.


2 Responses to “IF….”

  1. Awe….Meggie Meg!!

  2. How about if you rent an apt where they say “small pets allowed”, would you take Andy the puggle then?? Please???

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