Mmm Bacon

Here is an actual conversation that took place in the dining hall at Boston College while we were visiting Bub back in 1997.

BUB: Whatever you guys want  is on me.

ADS: Really? You’re going to pay for all of us?

BUB: Yeah. I don’t actually pay cash. I just use my Eagle Points.

ADS: ( eyeing a tray of bacon) How much is the bacon?

CAFETERIA WORKER: 25 cent each.

ADS: Bub, we can really get whatever we want and you’ll pay?

BUB: Yes!

ADS: (turning back to the Cafeteria worker) I’ll have 15 slices of bacon, please.


One Response to “Mmm Bacon”

  1. Then we proceeded to put 2 tabs of acid in Adam’s orange juice and he’s never been the same since. Sorry Ads, it seemed funny at the time. Live and learn.

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