Summer of 2009, We hardly knew ye’

Kids are back in school, the air has a chill and Gruzzy and Carie’s 2nd Annual Labor Day Picnic is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. Yup, it’s official – Summer is over.

I’d be lying if I said Summer 2009 was one for the record books, but by no means was it a bad summer. Simply put, Summer 2009 was “Meh”.

As usual, a large chunk of my summer was spent at the multiplexes. I saw some really great films this year especially Inglourious Basterds, 500 Days of Summer and Funny People. I also saw some pretty bad ones including Wolverine and most recently Halloween 2.  Aidan and I saw some great cinema this season, none better than Disney/Pixar’s UP and even Ice Age Dawn of The Dinosaurs was a lot of fun, though I’m thinking the 3D glasses had something to do with it.

However, when I think back upon Summer Movies in 2009 nothing will stand out more for me than The Hangover -the most fun I’ve had inside a movie theater since Ashlie and I went to see “Catch and Release” and she found a BIG surprise at the bottom of the Jumbo Popcorn.

In the teenage years and even into my twenties, every night during the summer was like a weekend night. Not now though. Now, I’m lucky if I go out one night during the weekend. So, that leaves a lot of room for TV. This season I saw some really great shows: True Blood just keeps getting better. Entourage and Weeds are still hilarious and America’s Got Talent continues to be my guilty pleasure. Go Kevin Skinner!!

While last summer I was consumed with the Twilight series, this summer I read two amazing yet two totally different books. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows was a thrilling roller coaster ride and featured one of the best endings to a book series ever!! Most recently I finished The Road, the Pulitzer Prize winning novel from Cormac McCarthy. It’s an amazing book that I can’t recommend enough. There are images in the story that will forever be burnt into my brain. What’s better than that? Let’s see if the movie, coming out this October, lives up to the hype. Do they ever?

Don’t get me wrong, I did my fair share of partying this summer but, like any good party, details are spotty at best. I remember doing shots of jagger with Jay the night before the road race. I remember Tai waking me from my coma the next day and, at some point this summer I may or may not have rode home from the Tavern in a haunted limo.

The most consistent thing about summers, since I was 10 years old has been The New York Yankees, the original Boys of Summer. This year they have been a lot of fun to watch. They have the best record in baseball, as of this writing they are six and a half games ahead of the hated Red Sox, Derek Jeter is having a career year and Mark Texiera, who doesn’t make errors, could be the league MVP. Though….it all means nothing if they don’t win The World Series.

So, another summer is in the books. Pretty soon it will start getting dark at 5 and, before ya know it, we’ll be making out our Christmas lists.

I’d settle for just one more happy memory this weekend. Whether it be a walk-off homerun during whiffle ball, a dominating run at beerpong and setback, or even a great upskirt shot on my camera phone.

See y’all at the picnic.


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