Technology is a funny thing. It’s everywhere all the time. If I wanted to take it a step further I would say it rules the world.

Never was this more evident than Monday night on Facebook.

A lot of shit was going on simultaneously last night. First of all Patrick Swayze lost his battle with stomach cancer and died at the age of 57. And of course, I found out from Facebook. Then the comments started. Dirty Dancing quotes etc etc etc.

Meanwhile, on ESPN The Buffalo Bills were choking hard and The New England Patriots were staging an epic comeback on Monday Night Football. And of course, Facebook was buzzing about it.

There was also some spill over from the Kanye West/Taylor Swift incident from the VMA’s Sunday night.

Jamie was also posting a few pictures from Yankee Stadium where she was spending her birthday with Jay.

So while I was flipping back on TV between Football, America’s Got Talent, Monday Night Raw, and The Yankees game, I was also discussing what I was watching on the computer.

And, a buddy of mine who doesn’t have a Facebook account was texting me about The Jay Leno Show, which also became part of my viewing Monday night.

I was also checking every so often for the latest updates on the murder of the Yale student.  I’ve always been obsessed with the news, especially the crime stories.

I can’t believe, even 10 years ago, we got most of our news from the papers. If we wanted to talk to our friends about TV we’d either wait till the next day or call them from our (gulp) land lines.

Yeah, that was just 10 years ago! I know it’s cliche but I can’t even comprehend what we’ll be able to do in terms of technology 10 years from now.

And while I consider myself fully immersed in this digital world, I’m still behind in the times. I don’t have an iphone or a blackberry. I can’t update my Web site  or Facebook from my wimpy $150 Sprint cell phone.

And, truth be told, That drives me fucking nuts!!!!


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