Sunday Bloody Sunday

Sunday night will be spent with 70,000 people at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Mass.  But not for a Patriots game. Something much much bigger.

For the fifth time in my life and only the second time in a Stadium setting, I will be taking in my favorite band, U2, as they bring their 360 Tour to the home of The Patriots.

I’m so excited I can’t think of anything else really. Seeing concerts is fun. Seeing the band you love is a whole different experience. Especially when it’s a band that only tours about once every four years.

I’ve seen U2 in concert every time they have toured since 1997, when they brought The Popmart Tour to Foxboro Stadium. The band was dwarfed by the extravagant stage and our seats were in the last row but it was still the best live show I had ever been to up to that point.

Hearing 60 thousand people sing along to songs that you love is an experience not to be missed.

U2 is not everyone’s cup of tea but even the non-fans who I have seen shows with (Cooter, Bub, Jay) have been won over by the live show the Irish rockers put on. They are polished, they get the crowd involved and the electricity inside the stadium can be felt from the front row all the way to the bleachers.

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t go to concerts anymore. It takes a really special band to get my ass in the seats, but U2 certainly qualifies. And while nothing will ever compare to the first time I ever saw them live, I’m damn certain I’m just as excited today as I was 12 years ago when Myself, Christine and Sarah piled into Cooters Suburu and made the pilgrimage to Foxboro.


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