Some of you may have noticed I’ve been reading a lot lately.  So, I thought I’d share with you 8 great books out there today.

1. TAI MY SHOE: Creative Ways To Re-Aggrivate A Neck Injury. By Tai Paris.

2. SECRETLY SINGLE: How To Keep Your Life In Boston Private. By David Carroll.

3.  EMPTY CUP OF JOE:  The Search For Joseph Nozzolillo. By Tom Clancy.

4.  “I See The Way You Look At Mom” Too Smart For Your Own Good. By Aidan Nathaniel Weik.

5.  “I Think We’re Gonna Just Stay In”:How To Consistently Ruin Walt’s Weekends. By Jamie Nivolo & Jay Marcoux.

6.  “Who Ate My Peanut Butter & Why Won’t The Cat Come Near Me”: The Ambien Diaries by Ashlie Dranginis.

7.  THE GRUSTAS FACTOR:  101 Reasons Why The NY YANKEES Haven’t won a World Series in Almost 10 Years. By Bob Costas.

8. BIOLOGICAL CLOCK: The Story Of My 10th Grade Crush. By WALT GOGOLYA. (forward by Rebecca)



3 Responses to “ELITE 8”

  1. That made me laugh out loud

  2. You forgot about “Mailboxes in a Ditch”: A Critique of Urban Sprawl through the Eyes of a Postman. By LHS Class of 1995.

  3. hahahaha. I have to read Chop’s book.

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