Back to the grill again….

When I left the Register six months ago, after nearly two years on the job, I did so with an “F-U” and “Good Riddance” attitude. They may have figured they’d be better off without me and I certainly felt that way toward them.  Like most break-ups, it’s always the hardest, most drastic feelings that you experience first.

In the weeks that followed my departure those angry feelings subsided and when thoughts of my old job surfaced it was mostly because I missed one of my co-workers. It’s hard not to grow close to people we see for 40 hours each week. Especially over the span of nearly 24 months.

I found a new job fairly quickly, working for the Post Office in Waterbury. And while the money was great, it wasn’t long before I started to hate the work. Mostly because I couldn’t escape the thought that I was not put on this earth to sling mail. But I endured. Even as whispers of layoffs and post office closings became an everyday water-cooler topic.

I rarely thought of my former career as a journalist. Except of course when big news stories would break across the state. I’d often think to myself, “Hmm, that would be cool to cover.” (The murder of the Yale Grad Student comes to mind).

Career-wise, over the last month, I really started to settle into the life of the mundane. Work, whatever  I was doing, was not a part of me. It was simply something I did to collect a paycheck. I didn’t give anything to it and I took nothing in return.

Then, as it usually does, LIFE got in the way.

My phone rang last Tuesday at Midnight. It was the head Editor at The Middletown Press, who happens to be one of my old bosses from The Register.

There was a murder trial going on in Middletown and she needed someone to cover it for the day. I was offered the opportunity to fill in as a freelancer.

Admittedly, I was flattered she thought of me. But I also knew that the trial started in 10 hours so I’m sure desperation played a part as well.

Of course I agreed to do the job for the day and actually had a great time covering THE TRIAL.  Covering the courts was always my favorite part of the Register and I’d forgotten how much I truly missed it.

That night Dad told me, “Hey, ya never know, it could lead to something else.”

And what do you know.  Dad was right. Two days after my freelance gig I was offered the court reporter position full time.

So, I’m back in the journalism biz. And hey, the money ain’t great but I enjoy it and right now that is all that matters.


If you care, here’s what I’ve been up to lately.


6 Responses to “Back to the grill again….”

  1. Erin Flanagan Says:

    Good for you, congrats!

  2. Congrats Walt!

  3. Save it for Linkdin, just make me laugh funnyboy!

  4. Congrats Walt, does this mean you won’t have much time to work on your book 😦

  5. MP Editor Says:

    Welcome back to journalism and writing about other people’s misery!

  6. David Hutter Says:

    Hey Walt!
    Miss you in T-town. Hope you are doing well. Enjoyed your sense of humor. Take care.

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