My, it’s been a while has it not?

Between work and the baseball playoffs I haven’t been that faithful to the ole blog. But we all know that all is once again right with the world as The New York Yankess captured their 27th World Championship last night

So with no baseball to watch and my favorite shows safely stored away on my DVR,  I can get back to BDG.

A quick recap……………

I’ve seen some great movies lately.  I have already howled about how excellent Paranormal Activity is. So def get out there and see that one. However I’m also going to recommend the Michael Jackson film This Is It.

The film chronicles MJ’s rehearsals leading up to his 50 sell-out shows in England. We all know what happened. A week before he was set to travel across the pond- he died.

Lets make this perfectly clear. I did not see a weak, unhealthy, drug addicted Michael Jackson up on that screen. The King of Pop was in complete control of every aspect of that show.  He was a perfectionist — repeating dances and songs until he got it exactly right. He would even yell at his musicians if they didn’t get it to sound exactly right.

“Well how do you want it to sound,” he was asked by a frustrated drummer.

“I want it to sound like it does on the record,” Jackson replied.

The most interesting part for me? He brought in dancers from all over the world to audition for the show. Only the best would make the cut and be allowed to perform on stage with him for the tour. And ya know what? These “greatest dancers in the world” still didn’t hold a candle to Michael… sad.


Ya know what movie absolutely sucked? Where The Wild Things Are. Man, that was so boring it hurt. The storyline was lame, the dialogue cheesy. The Wild Things were depressed, always fighting and resembled scary Jewish monsters. Even Aidan kept asking me, “Is this almost over?”


Jamie and Jay had yet another legendary Halloween Party. Everyone showed up in costume. Everyone danced and drank and watched the Yankees beat the Phillies to take a 2-1 World Series lead.


And speaking of The World Series. Man it’s been nine years since the Yankees last won when they beat the Mets in the 2000 Subway Series. So much has changed since then:

  • None of my friends were married yet
  • There was no such person as Aidan Weik
  • Aaron/Erin and Jamie/Jay barely even knew each other
  • Tony Soprano was just getting famous while shows like LOST and American Idol hadn’t even premiered.
  • People rolled their eyes and may have laughed out loud at the idea of a black president.
  • Gruzzy was still a virgin


So yeah, I think we’re pretty much caught up now. I hope to see many of you this weekend at Mohegan Sun as we celebrate Krista’s 30th and rock out to some PDM.  I hear a lot of people are going and that’s great cuz  Krista is one of the select few who has made it a point to be at almost every birthday we’ve celebrated over the years. Chances are, if you’ve had a birthday party over the last several years, Krista’s helped plan it.


“We gotta hold on to what we’ve got, it doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not………”



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