Best TUBE the decade had to offer

It’s hard to believe that 10 years has flown by.  Every decade leading up to this one can be easily defined: Think the Vietnam/Hippie/Beatles era of the 60s, The disco 70s, The cheesy 80s and The Grungy 90s.

I’m guessing that when it’s all said and done, the first 10 years of the millenium will be remembered for its technological advances: iphone, ipod….hmm, The Apple Decade possibly?

Anyhow, Top “this and that” of the decade lists are popping up all over the place. I’ll try to do some over the next month starting today with:


1. THE SOPRANOS – Who’s gonna argue with that?

2. LOST – I can’t believe it all comes to a close in six months at which point it will ALL be explained. Right? Season 5 is now available on DVD, which means any ambitious person out there who still hasn’t caught on, can rent all the seasons just in time for the final season premiere in Feb.

3. BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER – don’t believe me? Rent it.

4. SIX FEET UNDER – The first HBO show I ever got into. I still miss the Fishers and all those dead bodies.

5. THE SHIELD – A great show made better by the series final few episodes and an ending where the main character, unlike say Tony Soprano, gets exactly what he deserves.

6. RESCUE ME – A show about firefighters in a post 9/11 world led by Dennis Leary- a loveable womanizing drunk.

7. NIP/TUCK – Soft core porn every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. for the past five years. Any young guy who says he doesn’t aspire to be Dr. Christian Troy when he grows up is a lying scumbag.

8. ENTOURAGE – Guys I can’t imagine NOT hanging out with every Sunday night during the summer.

9. 24 – Like watching a movie every week at  home for free.

10. SMALLVILLE – The only show about a famous superhero to ever actually work on TV. While Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk had cult followings, you have to admit those shows were pretty effing bad.


4 Responses to “Best TUBE the decade had to offer”

  1. Uuummmm….HEROS???!!! Or that one you lent me a couple episodes of with the dad from Malcolm in the Middle?

  2. bigdaddygouda Says:

    Heroes has NEVER recaptured the magic from season one. It all went down hill for me everytime someone had a dramatic death only to pop up a few weeks later as a new person or because Hero altered time. I mean, if Claire can heal anyone who gets hurt and Hero can time travel can anyone really die…EVER?

    As for Breaking Bad, I agree, that show has the potential of being one of the best ever but after only two seasons, which came late in the decade, I’m not yet ready to call it one of the Milleniums best.

    Besides, gimme a break, it was hard enough for me to leave iCarly off the list.

    • Claire can not heal anyone that gets hurt, just herself…only Peter can do that, he got it from that boy that could do it because he was close to him….okay, fine…addicting but maybe I just think it is great b/c I have watched since the beginning and I don’t have HBO or Showtime! And I know how much you LOVE icarly but didn’t want to get laughed at for putting it on there.

  3. Friday Night Lights? Madmen? Aqua Teen Hunger Force? I think Buffy needs to be slain!

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