Unless I absolutely feel the need to write something, this will serve as the final Big Daddy Gouda post of the decade.

And, as far as this blog goes,  I’ve come up with a fitting way to close out the last 10 years.


10. September 11, 2001: While I was not directly impacted by the terrorist attacks, being an American citizen I was indirectly affected. 9/11 is (unfortunately) one of the most historic things that ever happened in the history of this country and, along with millions of others, I watched it unfold live on the local news.

9. NICHOLAS PIZZA: Most of us can say we’ve had at least one job we loved. I can honestly say that about my pizza delivery job I held from 2001-2003. I had barely any responsibility, I absolutely loved my co-workers and, believe it or not, the money was really good. Nicholas Pizza on Water Street. The best job I ever had.

8. PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! The decade kicked-off  with what I’ll always remember as my favorite New Years Party ever, held at Jewett’s apartment just off campus at UCONN.  In the years that followed I did a hell of a lot more partying than I ever thought I would.  In the early part of the decade almost every Friday night was spent at bars in Hartford and as the decade draws to a close, area homeowners like Jay/Jamie, The Jewett’s and Gruzzy/Carie have opened their homes to picnics, parties and small get togethers. Here’s to hoping the tradition continues, even just a little bit, in the next decade.

7. WEDDINGS & BABIES: I must admit, I’ve been to some kick-ass weddings this decade. Goat and Carrie, Jewett and Gesette and of course, the legendary union of Aaron and Erin.  A few friends of mine even got married on a boat somewhere. And while the weddings were a blast it wasn’t long before the babies came. Now, most picnics and parties are populated by the wee-ones.

6. JOURNALISM: By chance I got a job as a reporter in August of 2007. I’ve basically been in the newspaper business since then.  It’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a career.

5. TURNING 30: Being a teenager, the thought of turning 30 was surreal. Too far away to truly comprehend. Since I hit the big 3-0 (ushered in brilliantly during a party at Jamie’s place) I’ve noticed subtle changes in my mind-set.  I’m more content to stay home. I worry more about money. I get anxiety about being single and childless. And while you really don’t get much more adult than 30, I still feel like that punk kid who thought being 30 makes you OLD.

4. HOME FOR SALE: My boyhood home went on the market in mid 2007. It didn’t sell. Since the ‘for sale’ signs went up nearly three years ago, my father and sister have left, leaving me as the sole occupant to a big ole house that once held so many. Recently Andy the puggle moved in and, as I’ve said before, has added a lot of energy to the place which is nice. But if you had told me 10 years ago that the last remaining occupants of The Gogolya Home (built 1934) would be myself and some half beagle/half pug, well, I would have called you a lying scumbag.

3. GRAM DIES:  My aunt Barbara said it best at Gram’s funeral: “It’s the end of an era”. And how right she was. I should have known that shortly after Gram passed, the family home would follow suit.  Never did the house shine as bright as it did when she was there.  Growing up, Gram truly was the glue that held the family together.  Relatives that I never see anymore would always stop by the house to visit. Especially around the holidays when they would take in Gram’s legendary cooking.

2. AIDAN NATHANIEL WEIK: No one has changed my life more in the last 10 years than little Aidan, born June 29, 2001. From the moment I visited him in the hospital the day he was born to this past Sunday, sitting in Dunkin Donuts before taking in Alvin & The Chipmunks, when he said to me, “Uncle Walt, What made God decide to create the world?”  Never have I enjoyed the decade more than the times I spent watching him grow up.

1. JULY 10, 2010:  That is the expected arrival date of the newest member to our family. Yep, just before Thanksgiving my sister informed me that she and her husband are expecting their first child in July, which will (finally) make me an “Uncle Walt” for real.


One Response to “FINAL POST OF THE DECADE!!!”

  1. jacquelyne Says:

    You truely are a great person Walt. I think you should write a book. You are that interesting with your written word. Love Mom

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