LOST Final Season Premiere

I can’t believe tonight at 9 p.m. will be the final LOST season premiere ever. Has it really been 6 years?

Where did we leave off in May?

We apparently met The Puppetmasters: Jacob and  The Man In Black.

A man in white creates thread on a spinning wheel, then tends to it on a loom. He’s in a dark, ancient room, light by flames and marked with Egyptian symbols. He goes to the shore, catches a fish, and cooks it upon a stone. As he eats the fish, a man in black comes from behind. They both gaze at the Black Rock, a few miles off shore.

The man in black accuses the other of bringing them to the Island, saying the man in white is trying to prove him wrong. “You ARE wrong,” says the man in white. The man in black notes that the cycle is always the same: they come, they fight, they destroy, they corrupt. The man in white notes that anything up until his ideal outcome is merely “progress.” After a pause, the man in black says, “Have any idea how badly I wanna kill you?” He speaks of trying to find a loophole to accomplish his goal, and leaves by speaking the man in white’s name: Jacob. We never learn the man in black’s name. Instead, we see the camera rise up on a full intact statue, standing right behind them both.

So the MIB apparently found his loophole by inhabiting Locke’s dead body and manipulating Ben into killing Jacob.

And what were Jacob’s last words, “They’re coming”.  Who is coming? The original survivors of 815? What has become of them?

Did setting off the bomb actually reset time and prevent the crash or did setting off the bomb actually cause everything to happen? Will any of that be answered tonight?

I’ve heard that a lot will be resolved in the first hour of tonight’s episode. I’m also told that the show will feature a new story telling technique this year, not a flashforward or a flashback but something else.

And apparently everyone is coming back. Charlie, Claire, Michael, Libby, and Boone, just to name a few.

The end of things loved is always bittersweet but I’d be a lying scumbag if I told you I haven’t been lusting for tonight’s LOST for the past 9 months.

I’m man enough to admit it’s basically all I’ve been thinking about today. That and a Big Mac.


8pm- Review Show

9-11p.m- 2 hour season premiere!!!


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