Sayid “Claimed”/Claire Lives!!

Why does Sayid need to die? Because, just like Claire he was “claimed” Duh! 

Claimed by who? The Locke-Less Monster? 

In short last week’s episode was a solid, if unremarkable, Which is to say that it swept the floor with nearly everything else in the television landscape, but the show has set the bar so high that it’s impossible to hit it out of the park every time.

 What the show’s getting right: the small scenes between characters that have spent years developing the relationships, shortcuts, mistrusts, and adventures that lead them to the places they are now. When the show goes small, the results are huge. The Claire/Kate/Ethan scene was TREMENDOUS, as was the Kate/Sawyer scene on the dock. Those two scenes alone, coupled with a nice Jack/Sayid scene, lifted the episode on its back and carried the lesser parts. 

What the show’s currently not getting right: at this point, half-talk and evasive answers don’t really cut it. Talk of “infection” lasted twice as long as it should have, delivered by characters we just met and don’t particularly have any feelings for either way at this point. 

I’m still not buying The Temple-centric characters wholeheartedly, if only because they are just another group of lying liars that lie. As soon as they actually tell Jack and Co. why it’s so important that they live and what’s bearing down at them, I’ll start investing in them.
Missing from last week’s show:

No Man in Black, Ben, Richard, Lapidus, Sun, Desmond, etc.  

LOST,  Please don’t pull a “Heroes” and ignore characters for weeks on end. We don’t have much time left. And like Jacob says, it only ends once.
tonight’s episode is apparently centered around Locke and, as the past six years have proved, that’s always a good thing.




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