No LOST post last week for perhaps the first time ever. Sorry about that. Blame the weather.  (see previous story below)

While a great episode in terms of character interaction, “Lighthouse” may have seemed a little dim in its revelations ( Jacob is watching, yeah we knew that and NOTLocke is Claire’s friend, yeah we suspected that), but this week’s  LOST promises to blow the lid off on this whole answers thing. And this time, they mean it.

“Sundown” is a Sayid-centric episode and we’ll be getting into this whole ‘darkside’ thing that the awesome new Other, Dogen warned us about. Is Sayid truly going to go evil on us? How will his sturggles on the Island ‘reflect’ in his flash-sideways.

Reportedly, NOTJohn Locke will show up at the Temple with an ultimatum for everyone inside: leave by sundown or die. Apparently, his mission will involve Sayid. Could it be that Locke is claiming Sayid for himself?

Looking beyond “Sundown,” the purpose of the Island will be revealed. Supposedly it is a four letter word. The answer is obviously: LOST. The island exists so that LOST can exist. yuk yuk yuk

Seriously, expect to learn the real reason the Island exists around midseason, according to the E network.

From the looks of the preview clips for “Sundown,” it would appear that this is not the first time Sayid has visited Nadia in Los Angeles. So how advanced is their relationship and if Sayid is not globe trotting in search of his lost love then just what the heck is he up to?

And where the hell is Faraday?

btw, anyone else predict that Jack’s wife in the sideways timeline is Juliet? It has to be right? Her or…gulp…Ana Lucia.


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