Every year, for the  7 people who care, I tell you who is going to win Oscars in the top six categories. And, as I do every year, I shoot for 4 outta 6 correct. Mostly I nail it. But, sometimes I don’t.

Just to clarify, these are my PREDICTIONS not really my picks. For instance I PREDICT Sandra Bullock is going to win the Oscar for her (annoying) role in The Blind Side, however, in my book, the award SHOULD go to Carey Mulligan from An Education.

Therefore this year I will give my PREDICTIONS, which count toward the 4 outta 6 and also my picks, whom I think are most deserving.

BEST PICTURE: This year for the first time in 60 years, the Best Pic category has expanded from 5 to 10 nominees. Prolly cuz good movies like The Reader and Frost Nixon were nominated last year while masterpieces like The Dark Knight and Wall-E were left out.

Months ago everyone was saying UP IN THE AIR with George Clooney was the film to beat. Then AVATAR came out and suddenly that was the film of the moment. Then THE HURT LOCKER was named Best Film of the Year by all the smaller award panels. Then INGLORIOUS BASTERDS won the Screen Actors Guild award for best picture. So where does that leave us?

I’m saying HURT LOCKER wins the OSCAR but I think either AVATAR or INGLORIOUS BASTERDS is more deserving of the night’s top award.

BEST DIRECTOR: I say it every year, The Best Picture winner usually follows the Best Director winner. However, this year may be the exception. As I stated, HURT LOCKER should win BEST PIC but I think JAMES CAMERON wins the Directing Award for Avatar, the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen on screen. And he deserves it.

BEST ACTOR:  The Oscar will go to Jeff Bridges for Crazy Heart. I’d sum up the performance as  One third ‘Dude’ from Lebowski, One Third ‘Johnny Cash’ from  Wak The Line and One Third ‘Randy The Ram’ from The Wrestler This is the performance to beat.  Bridges, should win/will win.

BEST ACTRESS: Bullock wins/Mulligan deserves.

SUPPORTING ACTOR: Hands down CHRISTOPH WALTZ from Inglorious Basterds for his role as the flamboyantly sadistic Hans Landa. Not as sure a thing as Heath Ledger was last year for The Dark Knight but pretty darn close.

SUPPORTING ACTRESS: MONIQUE is going to win for her role as  the fat trashy mama from Precious. But I’d like to see Anna “Jessica from Twilight” Kendrick win the award. She gave my favorite supporting actress performance of the year.


While not nessessarily my favorites in those categories, they are all fairly deserving. Except for Bullock. She was so cheesy in The Blind Side.

“You’re changing that boy’s life”

“No…he’s changin’ mine.” 



One Response to “OSCAR PICKS 2010”

  1. bigdaddygouda Says:

    5 outta 6 right. Damn You Katheryn Bigelow!!

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