A few week’s back I wrote a post about our junior high clicks, The druggies and The Preps.

And while we had a lot of differences that separated our social circles, one thing unified us – our hatred for the younger grades, especially the grade directly below us, the 7th graders. We ruled the school and those younger better damn well respect us.

The one instance of our unified torment on the seventh graders that stands out began when some punk kid named Donald had the balls to show up to school after shaving his head. He didn’t just shave it, he Bic’d it. Smooth as a baby’s bottom….I would assume.

People pointed and whispered at Donald all morning, but no one his age or younger dared confront him. He was a bully and picked on kids in his grade and especially the younger ones.

However, us being 8th graders, well, he respected the food chain and never bothered us.

Truth be told, none of us ever paid him much attention, until the day he showed up to school bald. A big no-no in a world of clicks and conformity.

Around lunch time the Preps were seated at their table and us druggies at ours. Then Donald walked in.

To this day, I’m not sure who started it. I’m thinking it was the combo of Luke Chappius and Bush Marcantonio. Regardless, they stood up from the table as Donald entered the cafe and got in the lunch line. In unison they began chanting “Baldy, Baldy, Baldy.”

After three chants our table full of druggies had risen and we were all chanting together, “Baldy Baldy Baldy.”

Then something magical happened. The preps also stood up when they caught on to our torment. And, like clockwork they too started chanting along with us, “Baldy, Baldy, Baldy.”

Within seconds, both tables of Druggies & Preps stood as one, chanting in unison, pumping our fists in the air, “Baldy, Baldy Baldy.”

And Donald just stood there in line looking at us. Shock and anger filled his face but what could he do. We were a united front. 20 strong chanting at the tops of our lungs,”Baldy, Baldy Baldy.”

The spectacle lasted about 30 seconds before we were interrupted by a teacher who caught on pretty quick. She pulled both tables, Druggies and Preps alike, into the hall.

For the next five minutes she told us how cruel we all were and lectured us about how, as older kids, we were supposed to set an example for the younger grades.

It was hard for us Druggies not to giggle during the lecture. We were used to getting in trouble. However the preps stood there terrified. For many of them, this was their first taste of teacher discipline. “What will my parents think,” I’m sure some of them were thinking.

We all went back into the lunch room and sat at our separate clicky tables. The brief unity we’d experienced was over and in only minutes we’d be outside for recess. On opposite sides of the football field.


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  1. What football field?

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