When Bub went knocking on my door last weekend at my apartment in Litchfield and some strange lady answered I realized I should probably update people on my living status.

For those of you who don’t know, or who care to know, I left my small little hobbit sized apartment in Litchfield and moved back to Torrington.

No, I didn’t move into my dad’s old place, that belongs to the bank now. I moved into Keely and Chuck’s old apartment on Red Mountain Avenue.

The landlord is a friend of mine and she made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Cheaper rent for a MUCH bigger place.

While the apartment in Litchfield was a studio, this place has two bedrooms and a front porch. More than enough room for me and Andy. Not to mention, this is the home where Andy grew up so he seems very comfy here.

Yes, there was plenty of room for him in Litchfield if we actually went outside but it came to a point where I was terrified to go outside with him because he always brought back ticks. If I told you how many fat engorged critters I pulled off the puggle during my short time in Litchfield you’d prolly throw up.

So, in one weekend, with the help of my parents and Chuck, I managed to move all my stuff 7 miles from Litchfield back to Torrington. Things went smooth, except for when Chuck and I had to bring the couches in by hoisting them up over the railing onto the porch, since they wouldn’t fit through the front door.

I’ve been here three weeks and it’s really cozy. With a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms it’s def more spacious than I need. But I’m digging it. Like Bub said, while the location was great, after a few months in that tiny place in Litchfield I probably would have started to go a little “Clockwork Orange.”

To say the streets here were alive would be an understantement. There are kids and pets everywhere. While I’m sitting on my porch during the day I can’t tell you how many people walk by.

There is also an attack cat that lives down the street.  A big fat grey and white feline who does not like Andy. I’ve ran from this beast twice and one time he caught up to me (natch) and swatted at Andy.

Needless to say Andy gave the cat the “what the fuck” look.  I’m going to have to ask my mailman sister if she has any extra mace I can borrow.

Once the weather gets warmer I fully intend to have a little picnic. The yard is plenty big and in the words of my landlord, “party’s are always welcome.”

So yeah, that’s where I’m at. Just when I thought I was out of Torrington, it pulled me back in.

A bigger place, cheaper rent and a bit closer to my work are all great selling points. But what’s the real reason I’m here?

Walking distance to the Cinerom Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Btw, got any questions for me? Ask Away:



3 Responses to “HOMIZ WHERDA HARTIZ”

  1. gratz – i moved onto red mountain ave last august! just randomly came across your blog!

  2. Yeah, party’s are always welcome…..until Jay is talking jibberish in a fishing hat and Tai is passed out on the lawn.

  3. Nah Chop, I think my mother-in-law would probably be okay with that as long as the cops don’t show up. I think with Walt’s help, she could even get the garage cleared enough for a place for beer pong! And Walt, don’t forget this is my family and my husband owns half that house (actually the half you live in) so don’t fuck up, eh?!! 🙂 Really, eveytone is so glad to have you and Andy there, except the “girls” who are just pissed that Andy is now “fixed”

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