The Courthouse Critic

At my paper, The Middletown Press, we as reporters are encouraged to blog. At a staff meeting last month our Editor, Viktoria, encouraged us all to contribute to the various blogs housed at the paper.

We have a photo blog,  a book review blog, a food blog and many others. What was missing?

A movie review Blog!!!

Of course, with film being my passion, I asked my boss if I could start my own blog and, of course she said yes.

Which brings me to The Courthouse Critic. My very own online movie blog.

Since I cover the courts for the paper I had to think of a blog name that ties in my job and my two favorite hobies: Movies & Blogging.

Although it’s housed under the umbrella of The Middletown Press, it really is mine, all mine!!!

So, from this point on, all my movie reviews will be stationed over at The Courthouse Critic. I put a link to the site over in the corner under my blog roll. You can also link to directly from the Middletown Press website under blogs.

So check it out if you could. I’ve already posted a few reviews.


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