33 is not a Birthday that you’d call special. That’s reserved for 16, 18, 21, and 30. Those are the “special” birthdays, I suppose.


For a birthday that is supposed to be ho-hum, held on the second worst day of the week besides Monday, I must admit, today was a really great day.

I got some great phone calls and texts from out of the blue which made me feel good and the crew at work threw me one hell of an office party. I can only pray the photos never make it online.

However, the best part of my day? It may sound cheesy but it was the Facebook Love!!! I hope i’m not breaking some “guy code” by saying this but I was TRULY touched by the messages I got today.

Say what you want about Facebook but if, on one day out of the year, it can make you feel half as good as it made me feel today, then my god, it’s worth it.

I heard from people today that I haven’t heard from in years. A decade even. It was great.

It’s no secret, as fans of this blog may remember, I’ve always made somewhat of a big deal out of people’s birthdays. Remember all the birthday roasts I used to do? Holidays are shared with the world but birthdays are the one day where you alone are entitled to feel special and THAT should definitely be taken advantage of.

Thanks again for all the “Happy Birthdays”

And now, some answers to various Bday remarks made today on FB:

  • I’m living on Red Mountain Ave, Sara
  • Yes, Marcy, I did do something stupid. I wore an extra small prison uniform at work
  • Sorry Heather, 33 is too old to go out during the week
  • Beka, it was great to see you too
  • Thanks Cullen, it does feel great being an Uncle
  • Yes CC, I too, am glad that my parents had unprotected sex in October of 1977
  • Paige wants an update on the Donut Girl. Hmm. Saw her this morning before work. Found out her name. That was the only question I asked of her.
  • Yes Sherry, we should get together soon
  • And, to respond to the most common sentiment expressed to me today: Yes, it was a good one!

And here below is my favorite gift of the day:


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