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UPDATE: The Donut Girl

Posted in Stuff on August 22, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

I bumped in to a Facebook friend at Cumbies last week. After we exchanged pleasantries she asked me a question I’ve been asked about 15 times over the past month, “So what’s up with the donut girl?”

And I deserve to be asked. I realize I kind of left everyone hanging when I initially posted the story about a month ago.

Well, long story short, I found out she was young. I’m not talking jailbait, I’m taking in her early 20s

That kind of turned me off a bit. Only because it’s my belief that people in their early 20s have a TON of living to do. A lot of parties to go to, a lot of places to travel, a lot of random people to hook up with. And, the last thing a cute 20 something girl needed was a 33 year old reporter who lived alone with his dog. That’s what I convinced myself anyway. And hey, it was an easy out. An easy way to avoid asking her out and an easy way to avoid rejection.

Granted the few people I told this information too were not very sympathetic. They told me it was a lame excuse and I should still just go for it. Alas, my mind was made up and I pretty much put The Donut Girl out of my mind.

On top of that the DD where she worked was starting renovations and closed for a week. I started getting my coffee elsewhere and the cute girl I knew from the donut shop was turning into a nice little memory that I blogged about once upon a time.

Fast forward to today (Sunday)…..

I went to Apple House Quik Mart on the top of East Main. Yes, it’s kind of out of my way but I needed gas and I was up to 30 cents off with my Price Chopper Advantage Discount.

After I payed for my fuel I took two steps from the cash register to the in-house Dunkin Donuts. And, of course, there she was.

The Donut girl was working the drive up window. She glanced over and saw me at the cash register. A huge smile crossed her face, my knees got weak and my heart skipped a beat.

“Walter!,” she said, sounding more excited to see me than I prolly deserved.

She glanced out the drive thru window, seemingly checking for a line. Then, even though there was two other employees working the floor, she left her position and  came over to wait on me.

She had changed her hair. It was darker. I wanted to say something but I thought that might seem weird, so I simply ordered my coffee.

She accidentally grabbed a bit of my finger as I handed over my money and I swear i got hit by lightning. That may sound odd but that’s really what i felt like. It was fast it only lasted a second but it was definitely noticeable.

She seemed flustered as she counted back my change. She messed up the amount. I jumped in for the save. “Just give me $3 and keep the coins,” I said.

She smiled awkwardly and turned red. I stuffed the money into my pocket, thanked her by name and bolted out of the apple house.

I felt a bit foolish, like  I had made an ass out of myself but didn’t know why. Maybe she sensed I was uncomfortable and that, in turn, made her feel odd.

Eh, who knows. All I know for sure is that come tomorrow morning I will once again be driving out of my way for coffee.


“To thee open arms of the sea….”


With The Lights Out It’s Less Dangerous

Posted in Stuff on August 22, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

As some of my Facebook friends may already know from my status updates I got sucked into VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s countdown the other night.

To be perfectly honest I have a HUGE soft spot in my heart for all things 9os. The songs, the movies, the TV shows, the news items, etc etc.

And I think I know why. Simple really. Because in the decade known as the 90s I was a kid. A naughty adolescent, who developed into a punk teenager and eventually, I like to think, kind of an okay guy.

For people my age, the 90s were our 60s. Like our parents can tell you where they were when the Beatles landed, or for the moon landing or when Woodstock was happening, us 90s kids have similar memories of that decade.

We know where we were the first time we heard Smells Like Teen Spirit. We know where we were when we heard about  Kurt Cobain’s suicide. We remember how shocked yet not shocked we were when OJ was found NOT GUILTY.

The first time I heard Teen Spirit was in drafting class my freshmen year of high school. I found out Kurt Cobain died as I walked into our kitchen and it was announced over my grandparents ancient radio. I learned (ahem) Oj was innocent as I washed up in the bathroom at Keene State College….

I felt really attached to the 90s. That decade feels like such a part of me. Even in the days before the cell phone and iPod I felt much more connected with the world back then. Much more a part of it. I understood it more.

Every song on the radio I knew. Every movie in the theater felt like it was made just for me. When a politician spoke he didn’t want my parents vote, he wanted mine.

Memories that will last a lifetime all happened in the 90s. I went to high school, I fell in love, I lost my virginity, I learned  how to drive, I experienced death when Grampy died, I got drunk,  went to my first concert, all for the first time in the 90s.

Hard to belive the 90s have been GONE for more than 10 years now. So far removed but as I stated, when I hear a song from that decade it takes me right back.

Here are my 10 fav songs of the 90s.

10. Mr Jones by The Counting Crows

9.Man on the Moon by REM

8. Enter Sandman by Metallica

7. Hey Jealousy by The Gin Blossoms

6. No Rain by Blind Melon

5. Alive by Pearl Jam

4. Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana

3. Sabotage by The Beasty Boys

2. Walk On The Ocean by Toad

1. One by U2.

My Top Movies of the 90s

10. Scream

9. Amercian Pie

8. As Good As It Gets

7. Saving Private Ryan

6. American Beauty

5. The Fugitive

4. The Matrix

3. Good Will Hunting

2. Forrest Gump

1. Shawshank Redemption

10 Random Things About The 90s

10: Seinfeld

9. Friends

8. Bill Clinton

7. Oj’s White Bronco

6. Michael Jackson the white guy

5. Pearl Jam

4. The Simpsons

3. The Meadows Music Theater

2. Birth of The Internet

1. 1995

Weekend Warrior??

Posted in Stuff on August 2, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

What a difference a day can make.

Friday night I was complaining because I didn’t “party” enough anymore.  Sunday morning I woke up with a headache, dehydrated, wondering who was going to give me a ride to the bar so I could pick up my car.

I didn’t plan to go out. I really didn’t. My Saturday was all mapped out from the time I got up in the morning: Grocery shopping, quiet dinner at home, followed by whichever movie happened to be showing on HBO or CINEMAX.

However, when I got home from Stop&Shop Charlie was over visiting his mother (my landlord) and he brought Grayson. We sat in the back yard, had a few beers, smoked a few cigs and watched Grayson play. Chuck told me he was cooking steaks on the grill later on and to come on over. Well, I can’t refuse steak….

The night at Chuck and Keely’s was fun. Good conversation, great food and a warm fire to top off the night. Around 9:30 I was getting ready to head home when my awesome Blackberry rang. It was Jamie. Her and Jay were considering going to the Tavern to meet with Fife who was in town.

It took a  small amount of arm twisting but within the hour I was bellied up to the bar, flirting with beautiful woman and talking sports with dudes. I had planned on stopping at the bar for A drink but ended up closing the place. Just like the old days.

As I stated earlier I woke up a tad hung over. As I prepared to walk Andy and start making calls to find a ride to my car, Tai pulled up out of the blue to drop off a belated birthday gift and offer a ride to my whip in Litchfield.

So yeah, good things happened this weekend and I didn’t expect them to. Maybe that’s why I had so much fun because I had expected to basically DO nothing. But don’t get me wrong. I was content with “nothing.” I was happy just to have a few days off from work and relieved that the weather wasn’t blazing hot. I suppose the fun times I spent with food, friends and booze was just icing on my otherwise mundane cake.

Am I the only one who thinks Jennifer Garner is really really hot? I bet her hair smells like strawberries.