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I walked into court today, as I do everyday. The first thing I noticed was the judicial marshals who usually greet me at the metal detector weren’t there. Sure there were marshals there but not ones I knew. Having covered the courts in Middletown for a year I pretty much know everyone that works there, most of them by name.

Eventually I ran into a bondsman who I consider a friend. Before we could even exchange ‘hellos’ he broke the news.

“Reggie died,” he said, with tears in his eyes.

Reggie is a judicial marshal. He worked at the courthouse in Middletown for nearly 20 years. The rumor going around was that Reggie passed away from a heart attack Wednesday morning. He was 45.

I saw Reggie almost everyday over the past year. We didn’t talk much but when he saw me he would always say, “Hello.”

As I was talking to people about his death word had made its way to the press. My bosses sensed that Reggie was popular and his death was noteworthy. I was assigned the story.

The staff at Middletown Superior Court was more than cooperative. They loved Reggie and wanted to get the word out about what a great guy he was. I set up shop in the conference room at the courthouse. Reggie’s co-workers came in and shared wonderful stories about the man many called “A Gentle Giant.”

People cried and laughed as they recalled the man they had come to respect and love. There were a few times listening to various stories that I almost lost it but a voice in my head kept telling me to be professional. I’m only human and I wasn’t getting choked up about Reggie. I was getting choked up watching his friends try their hardest to be strong. Trying hard to emphasis what Reggie meant to them without breaking down in tears. Which would have been perfectly acceptable as far as I’m concerned.

Listening to one man speak was especially hard. Dee was Reggie’s best friend. Godfather to Reggie’s son. Dee always came off as a tough man. A judicial marshal who was all business. He rarely smiled and just seemed like the type of guy you wouldn’t want to fuck with. I saw a different Dee Thursday. A broken man. Shocked by the death of his best friend. My heart broke for Dee because I could see it all over his face. He was a changed man. Different now and he would never see the world the same again. That too is a tragedy.

I’ve been lucky and I wont ever pretend for a second that I haven’t been. Other than my grandparents Ive never lost anyone close to me.

God forbid, If I ever do, I hope I can carry myself with half the strength that Reggie’s friends displayed today.



Hide yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife

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Apparently a woman in the projects was attacked by an intruder. She says he tried to rape her. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.

The news crew that came to cover the story hit gold when they interviewed the alleged victim’s brother, who is obviously a crackhead. Now, when the producers realized what a whack job this guy was of course the whole incident suddenly shifted from the alleged victim to her whacked-out brother. Please PLEASE click the video below:

Now, of course the video spread like wildfire on the internet, unbenounced to me apparently. Eventually someone spiced up the video. And….it’s absolutely hilarious. Pants on the ground guy aint got nothing on this guy.

Editors note: Please don’t think I’m making light of this potentially serious situation. Someone already beat me to that.

What does the ‘M’ in MTV stand for?

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Growing Up The Video Music Awards or VMAs, were IT.  It was MUST SEE viewing for any junior high schooler/high schooler. We begged our parents to let us stay up and watch. We didn’t want to be the only ones in school the next day who didn’t watch.

I remember a lot of great VMA moments when I was younger. Such as Tom Petty and Axl Rose dueting Free Fallin, Garth from Wayne’s World playing drums with U2 and David Lee Roth re-uniting with Van Halen. Or, my guilty pleasure moment, when Hanson was introduced to present an award and David Spade walked out with them, un announced as the “4th Hanson Brother.”

And remember the popular videos from our generation that would clean up at the VMAs? Losing My Religion, Janie’s Gotta Gun, Jeremy, Epic, Nothing Compares To U etc etc etc…

And Now??? I mean seriously, when is the last time you actually flipped on MTV and saw a music video? Back in our generation that’s why we watched the channel, to see music videos! Now, if we want to see a video we go to Youtube. Shouldn’t the music video awards be sponsored by youtube while the MTV awards should honor their shows that run on the station non-stop like Jersey Shore, Real World and a bunch of others that I’ve never even heard of. 16 and Pregnant? Uh….I don’t think so.

But I really have no right to complain I guess. The video music awards are not for me. Not for a 33 year old man. They are for the kids. The wee-ones who love Justin Bieber and Katy Perry and Gaga and that black guy with the gold.

Back in the day, when I was watching MTV religiously, I’m not sure our parents really cared that much for Poison and GNR and Def Lepp. And now, at 33 I suppose I don’t care too much for those bands any more either.

But that Axl shuffle is still kinda cool….kinda