It’s Just A Little Crush

This is going to be fun and maybe embarrassing….for me.

Below are 15 girls that I know or have known. At one point or another I’ve had crushes on 10 of them. Can ya guess which ones? Muhahahaha

1. Julia McKenna

2. Becca Clock

3. Christina Mennaguzzo

4. Tara Lambert

5. Heather Lambert

6. Carrie “Newton”

7. Marcy Warner

8. Aimee Pelletier

9. Veronica Berube

10. Andrea Boden

11. Jill Coffey

12. Krissy Walker

13. KC Gill

14. Sarah Stevenson

15. Heidi Olson


14 Responses to “It’s Just A Little Crush”

  1. That’s messed up,wasnt Krissy Walker the girl with that big red fro??

  2. What about Julie Perkins?

  3. We know Meneguzzo was one!

  4. Ummm why am I number 7!!? This is pretty funny Gouda I had no idea :)-

    • bigdaddygouda Says:

      Well, if you must know Marcy, you’re one of the 10 actuals.


      Well, if you must know Marcy, you’re one of the 5 fakes.

      Whatever makes you feel better I suppose

  5. Judging from the salute, it may have been real!

  6. Two Socks Says:

    The ten I was thinking of must be the actual crushes/obsessions. The list isn’t nearly complete…

    • bigdaddygouda Says:

      Well TWO SOCKS, who did I leave out? Matty Blaylock?, Sally 2Trees, perhaps?……, Classic!

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