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Top 10 Films of 2010

Posted in Movies on December 30, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

I’ve done this every year since this blog began in 2005. So, Here-We-Go!

10. WINTER’S BONE: The story of a brave girl searching for her missing father in the heart of redneck America. The performances by the backwoods raggies were so genuine that the film felt more like a documentary than an actual movie with paid actors.

9. GET HIM TO THE GREEK: In a year of pretty lame comedies this film was actually funny with many laugh-out-loud moments. Worth it for Puffy’s performance alone.

8. HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS (part 1) This is not a kids series anymore. Harry Potter is all grown up and so is the movie. It’s dark and brutal, filled with death and partial nudity. The best and most adult Potter film yet.

7. SHUTTER ISLAND: This movie was actually better the second time around because when you know the twist you realize just how brilliant the film is leading up to that. “Who is patient 67?” I figured it out. Can you?

6. TOY STORY 3: This film contained the single best movie scene of the year, where the toys, seemingly all out of tricks, hold hands, ready to meet their maker…together. Thank God for The Clawwwwww.

5. THE TOWN – If you had told me at the beginning of the year that Ben Affleck would not only star in but direct one of the best films of 2010 I would have called you a lying scumbag.

4. TRUE GRIT: I never saw the original. After seeing The Cohen Brothers version of the classic western I don’t think I need to. Jeff Bridges on the top of his game. Nuff said.

3. LET ME IN: A truly great horror movie about two lonely kids. One happens to be a vampire. Suspenseful, great acting and bloody.

2. INCEPTION: A trippy movie from the mind of one of my favorite directors, Chris Nolan. I thank Nolan’s The Dark Knight for this film. If Batman hadn’t made a billion dollars two years ago I don’t think the studios would have let him make such a crazy film. Thankfully they did. It will make your mind work overtime but it’s totally worth it.

1. THE FIGHTER: I said all I need to about this film in my review that you can read HERE.





BEST CRINGE WORTHY SCENE: James Franco sawing off his own arm in 127 Hours



1. The Tooth Fairy. Aidan apologized to me for asking me to take him.

2. Meet The Fockers: Pure Garbage!! Not Funny. At All

3. The A-Team: I would have rather paid to watch two hours worth of repeats of the original series from the 80s.

4. Salt: It’s a good thing Angelina Jolie is hot.

5. Megamind: (see the tooth fairy from above)


2010 We Hardly Knew Ye’

Posted in Stuff on December 29, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

With 2011 set to kick off in days with Jay/Jamie’s (somewhat) annual New Years Eve Party, I think it’s time to reflect back at the past 12 Months:

2010 started off at a bar. Yes, for only the second time since my friends and I started celebrating New Years as a group we spent the evening, not at a house party but at an establishment. If I had to sum it up in a word, “Meh.” Not a lot of people attended and by midnight rather than try and find someone to kiss I was looking for a sober ride home.

In February I spent Valentines Day with Ashlie. We did dinner (sushi) and a movie (The Wolfman). And while I wouldn’t call it the most romantic night I would call it one of my favorite Valentine’s Days. While that was the most fun I had in February the worst time I had is when I went sliding off the road into a guard rail and blew out my tire. And I thought Jeeps were supposed to be good in the snow. Like my dad says, “Yeah but not when you’re trying to take a corner going 30 during a blizzard.” Touche

March and April, for the first time since I left home for college in 95, were moving months. I left my family home and moved into a studio apartment in Litchfield. The area surrounding my home was beautiful. Forest as far as the eye could see. Along with that forest came ticks and toads who entered my small home any chance they got. I think Bub said it best: “That place is nice Gouda but after a while you’ll start to go a little Clockwork Orange.”

So, on April 1 I moved again. Keely’s mother-in-law had a pet friendly, spacious, two-bedroom apartment available in Torrington. The rent was more than reasonable and the selling point for me: A five minute walk to the movie theater.

May brought to a close my favorite show of all time. LOST ended after six seasons with a two-hour finale that I found most impressive. For most I don’t think life without LOST has sunk in. But as we get into the first few weeks of 2011 the reality will sink in because, after all, for the past few years, late January, early February is when LOST would have its season premieres.

The start of the summer brought new life. Aidan and Grayson welcomed a brother, Oliver while my sister made me an “Uncle Walt” for real when my niece Bella was born July 2. The rest of the summer was sorta ho-hum. I saw some great films like Inception and Toy Story 3 and some really bad ones like A-Team and Salt. Salt! What was I thinking??

Fall had its ups and down. The demise of the New York Yankess was pretty fucking awful while Jamie’s Halloween Party was pretty rockin, natch. My parents got me an early Christmas present this year in the form of a 50-inch flat screen TV. Besides Andy it’s the nicest thing I’ve ever owned.

And speaking of Andy. While last year him living with me was kind of work in progress, in 2010 he definitely became part of the family. I never thought I’d feel that way about a dog but it just happened. I mean, how can you turn your back on someone who is always happy to see you? My father, who I always thought hated animals, always asks about Andy whenever he calls. Gesette bought him a house-warming gift when we moved (which he destroyed by chewing to pieces) and this Christmas when I went to my moms there were not only gifts for me but for Andy as well.

Who knows what 2011 will bring. Some things I’m already looking forward to include U2 at Giants Stadium on my birthday and, of course, Jay and Jamie’s wedding. Other than that, who knows.

Hopefully see a lot of you Friday. And keep an eye out for my annual Top 10 Films of the Year list where I’m sure Tooth Fairy will be #1.

The Fighter

Posted in Movies on December 20, 2010 by bigdaddygouda

The Fighter is not a movie about boxing. It’s a movie about a family of fighters. And in this family there are two brothers who happen to be boxers.

Because there are a lot of clichés associated with boxing movies please forgive me and allow me to use some: The Fighter is a knockout! It packs a punch!

Simply put, The Fighter is the best movie I’ve seen this year.

The Fighter is the powerful true story of professional boxers Dickie ( Christian Bale) and Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg).

Although they are half brothers, their careers take very different courses. Older brother Dickie does not suffer from a shortage of talent confidence, but his lack of judgment and humility lead him down a path of self-destruction. After blowing his shot against one of the greatest fighters of his generation, Dickie descends down a dangerous road of drug addiction that robs him of his career, alienates his brother, and eventually lands him in jail.

Let me just say, if Christian Bale does not receive the Oscar for best supporting actor then why even hand out the award at all? His performance really is one of the best acting performances I’ve seen in years. He nails the role of a  “crack addict” and as compelling as he is to watch, at times, you also may find yourself wanting to turn away.

Everyone in this film deserves a nod for their work. From the people you’ve never heard of before, to all of Mickey and Dickey’s sisters with some of the best hair-dos on screen ever, to Melissa Leo (their mother) , to Amy Adams (smoking hot) playing a role that we’ve never seen her in and blowing down the doors on a whole new cinematic future for herself. Yes, everyone deserves a nod for their phenomenal work in this film.

There are three key scenes that are still burnt into my mind.

A scene where Mickey Ward (Wahlberg) hits another fighter with a shot to the kidneys that makes me wince just thinking about it. Yeah the fighting scenes are remarkable.

A second scene involves Mickey and Dickey warming up for “the big fight.” They are standing in a dark hallway, shadowy  silhouettes illuminated only by faint light creeping in from the sold out arena. Ward is practicing his punches while Dickey holds out his hands as targets. It’s a perfectly shot scene that, if frozen, would make an awesome photograph that I’d want blown-up, framed and hanging in my living room.

And thirdly, if the speech that Bale gives to Wahlberg during his final fight don’t bring a tear to your eye then I deem you a heartless bastard.

Go see it. You’ll love it. I promise.

Numbers Shmumbers

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As most of you know there is a somewhat annoying little numbers game going around Facebook these days.

And,  I’ve decided to do my OWN version. I’ve assigned my own numbers to my Facebook friends, along with a little blurb about them, but it’s up to my wicked SMART friends to figure out who they are.

btw, I’m only doing a few for now.

1 – I don’t think you like me very much but that’s okay cuz you don’t really know me.

5- You are a true friend who does tons for me and asks nothing more in return then that we spend a little time together once in a while.

6- Your status updates are really really annoying. But I love you…sorta.

10- Even though you’re a drama queen, I love you…sorta.

21 – We were kind of chummy in high school. According to your Facebook photos you kind of turned in to a knockout and I wish I had at least attempted to scoop you up way back when…Call me!!

24- You always  seemed like a really nice person with the most sincere intentions yet I think I was kind of a jerk to you most of the time. Sorry.

29- You are mad cool. Most of the time I think we may share a brain.

54 – If I didn’t have you to talk sports with I’d probably never talk sports.

11 – There were times in my life that I told myself I was never speaking to you again.  Now when I think of all those disappointments I just laugh. Whenever you call, I answer the phone. Everytime. And I can’t really say that about anyone else.

666- You have nice feet.

31 – I used to tease you endlessly. Then one day a mutual friend told me you hated me and thought I was an asshole. From that day fourth I teased you a little less. Just a little.

23 – You were kind of a fuckup who I really believed was gonna end up dead in an alley somewhere. But you pulled it together and i always hope you are doing well.

99 – Sometimes your stories go on and on and on and it can be hard to get a word  in edge-wise, but you have always been a loyal buddy who seemed to truly care what was going on in my life.

720 -You need to lose weight and cut your hair. Find a higher paying job and get a nicer car. Then maybe you’ll find someone to marry you…maybe


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NORTH POLE – In a shocking development, the United States Department of Defense has declared Santa Claus  “Public Enemy #1” and expect to serve him with a slew of  arrest warrants when he sets foot on American soil during his annual Christmas Eve trek.

The arrest warrants are the result of a three-year investigation which was launched in 2007 after Congress created a new law making home invasions a felony.

“This guy has basically been entering people’s homes without permission for the past 100 years,”  said Owen Liberman, spokesperson for the Department of Defence. “He comes in uninvited, helps himself to cookies, milk and God knows what else!”

Over the years many home owners have reported that, along with half-eaten cookies and empty milk glasses, they have also noticed jewelry and other household items missing, according to Liberman.

One woman in Tennessee, who lives alone, found out she was pregnant shortly after Christmas in 2008, according to the arrest warrant. She couldn’t recall the last time she had been with another man and reported seeing a red glowing light outside her window on Christmas Eve and then waking up under her Christmas tree, half-naked, surrounded by red balls of fuzz and with no memory of the last several hours.

Officials at the Department of defense are encouraging Americans to detain Claus if they happen to catch him in their homes on Christmas Eve. Anyone found to be aiding St. Nick will be charged as an accomplice, officials said.

Experts don’t expect these warrants to stop Claus as this is not the first time the Jolly Fat Man has escaped trouble.

In 1986, Santa dodged an onslaught of bullets after flying over Los Angeles during a gang war between the Bloods and The Crips.

More recently Santa had to finish his holiday deliveries with eight, rather than 9 Reindeer, after Donner was sucked into the engine of a 747 while flying over JFK Airport in 2002.