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Happy Boo Year

Posted in Stuff on January 6, 2011 by bigdaddygouda

I first began feeling it on New Years Eve day. That little burn in the back of your throat that lets you know the sickness is in you and is trying to get out.

I OD’d on orange juice and Airborn pills and did a little praying to the New Year’s Eve Gods. I said let the sickness take me but just give me one more day.

The gods listened for the most part. Shortly after the midnight meatstick countdown I started to feel hot, my throat was sore and I started to get stuffy. By 130 I was on my way home. Then the night took a turn for the worse.

I was prepared to crash out the couch and watch a little TV before falling asleep. Only thing is, the TV wouldn’t turn on. My new 50-inch Samsung TV had apparently shit the bed. I was furious but more so I was sick and getting more tired by the second. I shook my head, walked to my room with my head down and crashed into my bed for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

As expected, I spent the first few days of 2011 on the couch. My head hurt, my throat hurt and I couldn’t stop coughing. Good news came in the form of a last ditch phone call to the company who handles the warranties for the now shuttered Circuit City. I read off the serial number on my broken TV. It was still covered but they couldn’t get a repair man out to me till Monday. He didn’t show up till Tuesday night. But within 20 minutes my broken TV was as good as new. The lamp had burned out which is apparently common on Samsung TVs. The repairman encouraged me not to watch so much TV in an effort to extend the life of my new lamp.

Not to mention, my car has been in the shop while all this is happening….but we won’t go there. I’m thankful t’s getting fixed and that is all that matters.

The lone highlight of 2011 thus far occurred today while picking up a few groceries at Stop & Shop after work.

I stood in the self-checkout line, scanning my items when a girl caught my eye. She stood in front of Peoples Bank sipping water out of a Dixie cup. Brunette, a little shorter than me. Thin. Pretty. I recognized her instantly. She worked at the bank. I met her many years ago when I worked at Nicholas Pizza. My boss did his banking at Peoples and I was often the one who went to the establishment to deposit money or make change. And, 9 times out of 10, she was the one waiting on me.

After I left the pizza biz I never really saw her anymore. Occasionally I’d see her behind the counter at the bank but I never talked to her. I banked elsewhere.

I actually bumped into her a few years back at karaoke night at Senior Panchos in Litchfield. She was drinking with some work buddies. She noticed me staring at her that night. She walked up to me, beer in hand and asked, “Where do I know you from?” I reminded her of our days as customer and banker. She said she remembered. I don’t think she did.

Anyway, today my attention was broken after my credit card was declined and I had to instead pay in cash. A line was forming behind me and all I was concentrating on was getting the hell out of that store. I stopped thinking about the girl, paid for my groceries as fast as I could, bagged em and started to leave.

After bagging my groceries I quickly turned around and nearly collided head on with the Dixie cup drinking banker. I smiled and simply said, ‘hi.” She also smiled and said, “hi.” And I headed to the exit.

I stopped briefly at the newspaper rack and glanced at the back page of the Daily News, thinking only about how pretty the girl was that I almost floored in my haste to leave the store. While looking down at the papers I slowly turned to the right. She was looking at me but quickly turned  away when she saw me glance in her direction.

I think I’ll call her…..The Bank Girl.