Oscar Picks 2011 (better late than never)

Would you believe I forgot, up until this very moment, that I had neglected to do my annual Oscar column? Ever since this blog’s inception 5 years ago I have attempted to pick the winners in the Top 6 Categories at the yearly Academy Awards.

As always, my goal is 4 outta 6 correct.

BEST PIC: The Social Network was praised as the film to beat when it was released in October. It was sweeping nearly all the pre-Oscar award shows . Then The King’s Speech was released and has been winning everything in site. BUT, the bottom line is, as good as King’s Speech is, Network is an overall better film and I don’t think the Academy will forget that when it comes to giving out the year’s top award. Therefore Social Network wins Best Pic;

BEST DIRECTOR: 90 Percent of the time, Director goes along with Picture so I’m picking David Fincher for The Social Network, however, even if King’s Speech does end up winning the Best Pic award I still expcect Fincher to win here.

BEST ACTOR: Colin Firth for The King’s Speech. It’s a sure thing

BEST ACTRESS: Natalie Portman is basically undefeated in pre-Oscar wins for Black Swan. She won The Golden Globe, The SAG, The British Oscar etc. I hope her water breaks while she’s giving her acceptance speech.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: It’s gotta go to Christian Bale from The Fighter. His portrayal of washed-up, crackhead boxer Dicky Eckland is the best supporting performance since Heath’s Joker. Nuff said.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: I’d be happy if either woman from The Fighter won, either Michele Leo or Amy Adams. Leo has been winning the pre awards so I expect that to continue tonight. Though watch out for the teenager from True Grit.

So, for those of you who care, there ya go: Social Network, David Fincher, Firth, Portman, Bale and Leo for the wins!!


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