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Saying Goodbye To A Dear Friend

Posted in Uncategorized on April 3, 2012 by bigdaddygouda

The world is a less happy place today. Jamie and Jay’s beloved dog Sanchez, an animal I have known since he was a puppy, passed away today after nine great years on earth.

It does the little guy no justice to say that Jamie and Jay lost their pet. They lost a loving member of the family. And those of us that know them realize we all lost someone special today. As Krista said, “He was a member of the group.”

I have so many fond memories of that crazy little critter. I remember going to Jamie’s first apartment at Warrington Milll to meet Sanchez when he was just a little ball of fur who seemed to glide across the apartment floor. He was there in 2003 when Aaron Boone hit his homerun to beat the Red Sox. He was there a year later, hiding in the corner as Jay screamed at the TV while the Yankees flushed a 3-0 lead to the Boston Red Sox. Sanchez was there when the Sopranos ended and the screen went black and he was there for every wrestling pay per view.

How many of us have shared a couch with Sanchez at Jay and Jamie’s parties? How many of us have woken up the next morning with Sanchez staring at us with his little face, with an expression that said, “Dude, the parties over…Go home.”

That’s the thing with dogs. They become such a part of our lives that we just assume they will always be there. But sadly, that’s just not the way it is.

I saw Sanchez just yesterday when I went to Jay and Jamie’s for Wrestlemania. As always he was happy to see me. We had a special bond. We had an understanding. I gave him treats when Jay and Jamie weren’t looking and he promised not to tell.

Although Jay did catch me feeding him treat after treat about five years ago. He got down on one knee to Sanchez’s level and patted his head.

“I know you love Walt because he gives you treats,” Jay said, like a parent talking to a child. “But he really shouldn’t  because its bad for you.”

That was Jay’s polite way of saying, “Walt. Stop over-feeding my dog!”

But make no mistake. Sanchez was spoiled. He had a better wardrobe than me and while I know he hated it, he even let Jamie dress him up every Halloween. I would arrive at the house for the annual Halloween parties and there he would be decked out in, say…a clown costume, with a look on his face that said, “Please Walt, get this thing off me.”

He had more toys than most kids and we all recognize Sanchez’s growl when someone would get daring and attempt to take away one of his chew toys.

“I wouldn’t,” Jay would say, as someone attempted to take away a mangled doll or a squeaky ball.

Yes, Sanchez lived nine great years. He logged a lot of miles with Jay and Jamie. The three of them shared a bond that a lot of people will never get the chance to experience. For that I consider them blessed.

I’m really going to miss that little guy. I will think of him often, as will we all.

May he rest in peace.