Im Back….though I never really left.

If you scroll down to the previous blog entry, you can see I have not posted in more than a year. That’s the longest I’ve ever gone without blogging since I started BDG back in 2005. Ahh, so happy then, before social media came along and crushed my noble spirit.

Because of social media (facebook mainly) Most of you know what I’ve been up to but just to fill some space here is a brief rundown of significant events (in no particular order) since my last blog on July 17, 2012….

  • I saw Paul McCartney at Fenway Park. It was amazing. For a 70yr old man that guy can still rock it out. He even signed my Mark David Chapman T-shirt.
  • I started waiting tables for extra cash. Now, as most of you know, serving food to the general public can be hell. But most of the people I work with are pretty cool and, naturally the joint is filled with pretty ladies who wont give me the time of day.
  • Aidan turned 12. That, more than anything else, truly makes me aware of my age. The kid whose diaper I once changed is now my go to guy whenever I have questions about my iphone or computer. Mindblowing indeed.
  • I’ve seen some great movies. Man of Steel was everything that Superman Returns was not. Ironman 3 was a letdown, as was Hangover 3. This is the End was funnier than expected while The Conjuring was the best horror movie I’ve seen in a while.
  • My beloved Yankees have completely fallen apart. So much to the point that I’m used to them losing. A fact I never thought I could get used to while growing up during the Joe Torre Era.
  • On the other hand My SF 49ers have seemingly returned to their mid-80’s, early 90s glory and came within a goal line stand of winning the Superbowl. I’m actually looking forward to Football season for the 1st time since the Steve Young Era.
  • Shockingly I’m still single. Though I have been out on a few dates this year which was fun. I’m not quite at the point of trolling craigslist for hookers….yet.
  • For 2 weeks this winter I adopted a neighborhood cat, Pierre. I let him stay with me during the blizzards and surprisingly he and Andy actually got along. Then one day he disappeared. I’m terrified that during one of my many visits to the local China Buffet I may have unknowingly ate him.
  • Speaking of Andy he continues to be a loyal companion: always happy to see me regardless of my mood or physical appearance.
  • A close friend of mine lost her husband unexpectedly. While I was not close with him it was a tough blow to all who knew him and I’ll never forgot getting the call. Puts things into perspective in this all too crazy world.
  • My father Pete continues to act strangely as he approaches 67 in December. Everyone is out to get him and the government has ruined his life. I’m thankful he does not have access to a firearm.
  • Mostly I live a simple existence in Waterbury. If i’m not working I can be found at the movies, possibly watching old episodes of Smallville on Netfllix or visiting the boys in Morris.

I’m sure I’m leaving stuff out. It’s hard to sum up a year in a simple blog post. I really will start writing on here more. Believe it or not I missed writing. This was my Facebook before Facebook. I encourage you to possibly scroll through the pages here at BDG. I promise this blog was once considered interesting and at times a bit controversial. I’m not sure if I will be as dirty and gossipy as I once was. Or, perhaps I fucking will be.

It’s good to be Black….I mean back.


One Response to “Im Back….though I never really left.”

  1. Next time you’re at Fenway you better call me!

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